What you will get in Pizza on 40th is a delicious pizza made with fresh tomato sauce, perfectly portioned toppings, and heaping piles of cheese, before being served to your table piping hot.

Pizza on 40th

: 3937 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85015
: +1-602-595-3003
: PizzaOn40th.com

🍕 Pizza from Heaven

A man is flipping the pizza dough in the pizza on 40th

A Pizza to Remember

Pizza on 40th is a great neighborhood spot that can accommodate everybody. When it first opened its doors in September 2015, Pizza on 40th had a lot to prove to its new customers. You see, the current location of Pizza on 40th was originally another pizza joint known as Mamma Mia.

Feel Free to Visit

Fortunately, the new place is a huge hit as both old and new customers were welcomed warmly. Largely, part of the warm reception from the community was caused by the friendly faces; rather than lay off Mamma Mia’s old employees, Pizza on 40th kept them all.

A Must Try Taste

The pizza tastes exactly the same too. Thank God for that. Clearly, this pizza mecca is divinely inspired. The pizza is thin, crispy, and the crust is never greasy.


🧀 Fresh ingredients

Fresh ingredients to put in pizza on 40th

Originality of Mama Mia

The Mama Mia recipes and menu don’t seem to have changed.

The tradition of good food and great service has not changed either. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Right?

Pizza on 40th only uses fresh ingredients to make its pizzas and the menu items are created from scratch as soon as you make your order.

A Pizza House to Go To

Pizza on 40th is there when only pizza will do. The one that says nothing is as serious as craving a cheese loaded slice of freshly made pizza.

When you have a hankering for pizza, there are plenty of spots in Arcadia Lite that you can choose from, which probably makes the selection process daunting and at times overwhelming.
When you are feeling like this, consider trying pizza from Pizza on 40th.

🔥 Crispy NY Style

teenage girl with long dark brown hair in shorts and a tee shirt sitting on the ground eating pizzaThe pizza here is simply to die for. Pizza on 40th specializes in creating New York style pizzas.

Although they use a lot of toppings, the proportions are selected carefully so that your pizza does not droop or make a mess as you are eating it.

The crust is beefed up at the edge, which is a favorite of many, is oven fired with a crisp and snappy bite.

📋 Loaded Menu

What They Can Offer?

On offer aside from the pizza is also a fine selection of pasta, wings, salads, and sandwiches, as well as daily specials for anyone looking for something different.

Although the pizzas are a hit, it is the calzones that get raging reviews from previous customers.

The calzones here are just as good as the authentic stuff you would find in New York or New Jersey.

Also, a big hit with the loyal customers is the penne alla vodka, which is made daily.

🥇 Pizza on 40th Specials

Are You on A Tight Budget?

The prices at Pizza on the 40th are affordable and the restaurant provides you value for your money.

The staff goes the extra mile to make sure that you are comfortable, which ensures that their old customers, as well as new ones, keep, returning over and over.

The weekday lunch special is ridiculous.$3.50 gets you two cheese slices and a soft-drink!

Got a crew to feed? Snag a 16 inch pie, 10 wings, and a two-litre bottle of pop. Only $17.99.

Still need more? Back up the truck and load up two 16 inch pizzas with one topping each and a two-litre bottle of pop for only $24.99!

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