Our Phoenix Patio Home in Summer Bloom. Sometimes I envy all of you with those big backyards. This year I decided to keep our patio looking good even in the dog days of summer.

Patio Home in Summer Bloom Arizona

Patio Home Outdoor Space Transformed by Color & Texture

Phoenix Patio Home Transformed by color & texture

In previous summers we tried and failed. Skip a couple of days watering and everything wilts. Keep after it and voila! Of course plant selection matters here. Hibiscus and lavender thrive. bougainvilleas are crazy for the heat. They love it and that’s why they ignite into full outrageous bloom all summer long. The paper-thin peddles come in a wide variety of colors. They look really nice when growing multiple colors together such as purple, red, violet, white, pink, and apricot hues.

This is a fun way to perk up your desert patio. Botanical enjoyment isn’t just for homes with big backyards.


Desert Plants in Bloom

Phoenix Patio Home Yucca podsThese yucca pods are so fun to look at. Sometimes I’ll take one and put it on a window sill in the kitchen so that we can enjoy it even when indoors. Watching the yucca bloom in the summer is a real treat.

We give it a good drink a couple of times a week and hit it with a smaller amount of water on other days.

This yucca has been living in this pot on my Phoenix patio for over 15 years. It seems to like living there.

It looks to me that the terracotta pot will fall apart before the yucca. It’s a big pot, so I’m not looking forward to that day. I did seal the inside of the pot with an emulsion to extend it’s life. Hopefully, that buys us a few more years.


Some for Looking At | Some for Eating

Patio Home flowersVincas come in a variety of colors and do really in the Arizona summer heat. Just don’t forget to water them daily or you will have angry vincas on your hands. Keep them happy and your Phoenix patio home will be an awesome morning coffee hangout.

Adding color to your patio makes a big impact. Stack the colors next to the same species and other complimentary plants and it gets even better.

Mix and match your pots to create a funky cool look.

Patio Home Vegetable Garden in a pot We love spicy food in our family. Jalapenos are not hard to grow. They like lots of water and sunlight.

The broad leaves are bright green. The peppers will eventually start turning red (my favorite look) as they become riper.

A typical jalapeno plant will yield around 30 jalapenos at a time. Each plant will produce fruit several times per year.

Patio Home Enhancing Plants

These bluebells are a last-minute decision. A good decision. blue bells for my patio homeThey add height and new color to the collection of pots next to them. They are delicate in appearance and seem to be doing quite well in the partial sun area in front of our master bedroom sliding door.

The hummingbirds and bees compete for their nectar. They demand daily water and already have new growth on them after only a few days of being transplanted.

Elements that Work Together

We think they look spectacular in front of our painted green stucco patio wall.

Our entire townhome patio is bricked in for an easy to maintain surface that looks fabulous next to all the plants.

Underneath the bricks is a network of pvc pipe that has manifolds that link off to the spaghetti-tubing for the adjustable landscape sprinkler heads. We have 20 inground led lights that make the patio look like a wonderland in the night.


Variety for Our Townhome Patio

potted flowers

Mor vincas in an old round terracotta pot.

Phoenix townhome yellow flowers

My wife came home with these 3 weeks ago. They have doubled in size.

Phoenix patio home potted flowers

Various sizes of terracotta pots for our patio

Gardens Sell

Curb appeal matters. Doesn’t matter if you are at the front curb or on the back patio looking towards the house. Oh, and, looking from the inside out is a big deal too for anyone wanting to live in a place. When the time comes to sell this Phoenix patio home the investment we are making in our landscaping will be a big part of the attraction for the buyers.

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