The most fantastic home design tool is painting. A coat of paint in your house will drastically transforms your home making it cozy and attractive.

🖌️ Coat of Paint Importance

Adding a coat of paint dads value to your home. The cost of a bucket of paint goes a long way when applied to tired and drab walls.

Walls, ceilings, and trim represent more than 90% of the surfaces you can see and touch in your home. It’s no wonder that the application of new, fresh paint makes such an impact.

Below, find some painting ideas that can guide you to achieve the change you’re dreaming of.

🛋️ Trade Tools

A woman lying on the floor staring the wall with a new coat of paintFurniture painting is dreaded by most because of the time and details involved.

Gather first the ideas you needed before starting to paint in any part of your house.

Not all used to be trendy designs are going to be right for you and your house, but the following design ideas can help you succeed.

Best Brushes Only Please

You need to have the right tools to make your paint job give you the results you need. Believe it or not the tools are probably one of the most important pieces of the equation. Make sure to select the right brushes and rollers for the job. Purdy and Wooster are the top two brands of brushes. Don’t buy some “value-pack” of brushes for $7.95; they will ruin your work. Instead, buy a Purdy brush and you will find that making the clean lines that make a paint job pleasing will be far easier than you could ever do with a cheap brush. The cheap brushes are good for nothing. A professional would never use them because they would only frustrate the pro. The journeyman painter knows what a major difference good brushes make, and you will too as soon as you start adding a coat of paint to those rooms.

Rollers For Every Project

Lambswool rollers are hard to beat when painting walls. Again, they cost more. They produce far less splatter than a synthetic roller cover and hold more paint. The lambswool roller cover is easy to load up with plenty of paint and will easily release the materials evenly across the wall. For walls with heavier texture, you will want more nap (see bullet points below). Synthetic rollers with short nap are fine for super smooth walls as well as doors.

Brush and Roller Recommendations


for use with waterborne paints (Nylon)

for use with solvent-based paints paints (white natural bristle)

  • Interior walls: 3-3.5 inch
  • Door jambs: 2.5 – 3 inch angle sash
  • Door edges: 2-2.5 inch sash
  • baseboards: 2.5 – 3.5 inch angle sash

Here is the Purdy chart for brush recommendations.

  • For smooth walls: 3/8 inch nap Lambswool
  • Semi-smooth walls: 3/8 – 1/2  inch nap Lambswool
  • Semi-rough walls: 3/4 – 1 inch nap Lambswool
  • Rough Heavy Wall Texture: 1 – 1.5 inch nap lambswool or synthetic

You don’t need to waste your time and money on crummy tools. You will be kicking yourself in the head with every stroke if you go cheap on tools. Cheap tools make for poor results and bring tons of frustrations. Eliminate those experiences. Choose the best and you have won half the painting battle.

😧 Don’t Be Afraid to Paint Paneling

A liitle bold wall combined with light ceiling coat of paintOld homes often have paneling that may look old dark and ugly.

Rather than replacing you can add a coat of paint.

Just make sure to prime it with white primer first. This will create a stable surface and make all of the n=il holes very visible so that you can fill them before you roll on that expensive finish paint.

Old dark paneling can really bring a room down. That can wreak havoc on value, so paint that paneling before you put a for sale sign in the yard.

Don’t do it and it can cause your home to stay long on the market if you are wanting to fetch top dollar.

One of the most striking changes that can transform your home is to get the paneling painted. Just do it.

🎨 Limit Bold Color Choices to A Room or Two

A light coat of paint in living roomDeciding to paint your house again is relatively inexpensive compared to other home rehab projects. Still, it does cost money, so setting your budget properly makes good sense.

Use a striking color in smaller spaces like your dining room really changes the look.

Powder rooms are another place where bold colors can be used to create a dramatic look without disturbing the serenity of the rest of the home.

So, get out that paint pallet and let your imagination go wild. Just limit the area where you apply the vibrant, strong pint colors.

👩‍🎨 Ceilings, Floors, Trim

When we feel like painting our home, the first thing we think of is the overall feel you are looking to achieve.

The color you put on the ceilings needs to work well next to your wall colors. The same is true of trim paint too. Select wisely. Carefully. The right coat of paint will go a long ways to creating the look and feel you crave.

Most of the companies who sell paint know that it’s good practice to apply samples to the surface before settling on final paint colors. Take advantage. Get those samples up. Once dry, stand back and look at it. Does it work well with your furnishings? Does it complement or compete?

Bring in Professional Eyes

Sometimes it is good to get a trained set of eyes helping with design decisions. An interior designer might cost you a few dollars to employ. A well-selected set of paint colors can be the difference between feeling depressed in your family room to wanting to stay in a cheerful room and read a book. Color can make you relax or drive you mad. Make sure that you do what you’ve got to do to get it right before you buy a house full of paint. Before you ad that coat of paint get your plan defined. You will not regret taking those steps.

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