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Ashton Woods – building homes for individuals all across Greater Phoenix

Ashton Woods Homes is one of the largest and the fastest-growing home-builders in the United States. In 2013, the company was ranked the fourth largest private home construction company in the US based on annual closings and houses sold.

Of more significance, however, is that AWH is known across the industry for providing home-buyers with a vast variety of personalization options and constructing top-notch new homes with inspirational, award-winning designs.

Ashton Woods Homes is also known for a robust customer service dubbed the “1-5-11” Customer Care Program. It’s a nifty program whose goal is to help customers – usually first-time homebuyers – breeze through the home-buying process without much hassle. It comes as no big surprise that homebuyers rated the company’s customer support at 94%  for honesty, attentiveness, professionalism, and integrity in the industry.

By collaborating with customers for more than 25 years, Ashton Woods Homes and its in-house team of renowned architects and designers draw inspiration from unusual places, creating outstanding designs in each new home. And their ingenuity and efforts have not gone unrecognized.

Ashton scooped Lifestory Research’s the #1 Most Trusted Home-builder in the US for 2 years in a row. The company also ranks #20 in Home Builder Magazine’s Top 100 List. They have even fetched other accolades in the past two, and half decades they have been in the home building game.

Currently, Ken Balogh is at the helm of Ashton Woods Homes’ leadership as the President and CEO.

Ashton Woods Homes: The Brief History

Ashton Woods Homes was founded in 1989 as a premier homebuilder serving Austin area. It has since burgeoned in strength, wisdom, workmanship, and reach to be recognized as the fourth largest private homebuilder in the nation based on homes closed.

Since selling its first home in 1989, AWH rapidly expanded from its base in Atlanta Georgia to areas such as Naples, Sarasota, Austin, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, Raleigh, Tampa, Orlando, Dallas, and Charleston.

They now build new homes for savvy customers looking for top-design, high-quality, and high-level of personalization in their new homes nestled in the heart of prime neighborhoods.

What Sets Ashton Woods Homes Apart?

1-5-11 Customer Care Program

Ashton Woods Homes boasts one of the highest customer satisfaction rates, with 95% of homebuyers reporting that they would recommend the company to family or friends. That in and of itself isn’t surprising at all. With their 1-5-11 Customer Care Program, the homebuilder offers the best move-in experience. That means that Ashton Woods Homes’ representative will keep in contact with the homeowners at the 1st, 5th, and 11th month of moving in to see to it that their warranty concerns are addressed on time.

Robust Home Warranty

Besides the vibrant 1-5-11 Customer Care Program, Ashton Woods Homes offers new homeowners 1, 2, and 10-year warranty. And the best part: the warranty is transferable upon the sale of the house.

Brand You Can Trust

Ashton Woods Homes has been named the Most Trusted Homebuilder by the Lifestory Research for two years in a row. It is a deserved recognition for their professionalism, integrity, attentiveness, honesty, and sheer commitment to customer satisfaction.

Outstanding Homebuilding Experience

Professionals at Ashton Woods Homes break down the entire process into manageable bits so that the journey can become as pleasant as possible for the homebuyer. The team also walks the customers through the process so they can personalize their living spaces the way they see fit.

Awards and Accreditations

Ashton Woods has A+ Standing with BBB

Lifestory Research – the #1 Most Trusted Homebuilder 2013, 2014

Texas Star Awards – the Grand Winner for a Volume Homebuilder

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