If you think that design, renewable energy, and affordability should coexist then you are about to hit paydirt! Let’s take a close look at Eclipse Scottsdale Townhomes. Learn more about these 20 private residences coming soon.

Why Eclipse Scottsdale

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Eclipse Scottsdale Townhomes are changing the housing game in South Scottsdale for the better. Here’s how and why.

The state of Arizona has lots to offer the prospective home buyer.

Perks to living in this highly desirable area include a superb climate, plenty of outdoor activities and a thriving cultural and recreational community.

In fact, the state is sometimes referred to as the place where vacations go on all year long.

The great natural beauty of the area can be enjoyed all through the year (think Grand Canyon in the northern part of the state and the Sonoran Desert closer to Scottsdale).

Scottsdale can be enjoyed for its many outdoor activities from hiking and biking to skiing.

Sounds like a dream, right?

And how much better would it be to know that you can expand on this dream by taking a first step that helps to promote the health of that spectacular natural environment by reducing greenhouse gases?

If you’re a conscientious, thoughtful home buyer, as many more people are today, you’ve come to the right place because Arizona has become a prime destination for eco-friendly people.

Here you will discover how one developer who is committed to making the earth a better place is building communities that give homeowners a way to live in a beautiful place while helping the environment.

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A Brief History of Air Quality in Arizona

If you live in Arizona you already enjoy the variations in geography (there’s both greenery and deserts) and the dry climate complete with plenty of sunshine (over 200 days a year of sunshine). You know that it is a destination today for people in the tech industry as well as those who desire to raise families.

At one time, Arizona was the place to be if you suffered from respiratory problems because of its low humidity and its general climate. People came for a climate where they could thrive. Today, though, things have changed somewhat. There’s has been a downside to air quality. During the past few years, Arizona has ranked poorly in air quality, most notably due to increased ozone levels as a result of increased greenhouse gases. This situation illustrates how more important it’s become to protect and improve the environment and its air quality by living with sustainable, responsible energy sources. Fortunately, there are movements afoot to address this.

Living in Harmony with Your Environment

One of the most important contributions you can make to your home and your community is to commit to a lifestyle that lessens your carbon footprint. This goes beyond recycling, using eco-conscious products and even cutting back on meat and dairy. It can involve a commitment to live a net zero life.

The Environmental Impact of Living Net Zero in Scottsdale

We live on a lovely blue planet that comes with a limited number of resources. And, following a net zero lifestyle can easily start when it stems from the home. Living consciously from the get-go helps to foster awareness of actions that affect the environment. Net zero energy (NZE) buildings typically use nontoxic and environmentally friendly materials in construction. NZE living, a product of design and execution, reduces greenhouse gases and allows for energy self-sufficiency on site. State-of-the-art innovations in NZE buildings include solar panels and LED lights.

It’s Now Possible to Live Net Zero in Scottsdale

For people in the area of Scottsdale who has made the decision to live in an eco-conscious manner, there is good news. Currently, the state has seen a growing number of environmentally conscious developments from MODUS developers. Right now, south Scottsdale will be home to yet another NZE community — the Eclipse Scottsdale Townhomes. This is a hometown team that’s handling the development. MODUS is based in Phoenix, so the company knows its terrain and creates developments that maximize existing resources and create added value in the area for residents of its projects.

Eclipse Scottsdale Townhomes is designed to be a twenty-unit community that promises to be remarkable for its foresight, layout and responsible use of sustainable energy resources. So hold on to your hats people of Scottsdale: The high-concept vision of net zero living is about to become a reality in your neighborhood. Any questions?

What Exactly Is Net Zero Energy?

You may still be unclear about the exact meaning of net-zero energy buildings. The term is heard a lot today since climate change, greenhouse gases and pollution are in the consciousness of the public at large, so it’s hard to miss the term. Actually, today’s headlines are full of news about climate issues. Whether or not you’re on this bandwagon, you have to be aware of recycling and sustainable energy. Let’s explain a little more about this specific term.

A Delicate Balance

It helps to think of life on this planet earth as a series of complicated relationships kept in synch by a simple equation: creation versus consumption. We create resources by supplying food and mining energy sources, but we also consume these resources often because of overdevelopment. When we don’t replenish those resources, or at the least conserve them, things get out of balance. Shortages of resources and increased waste products result and things get a bit out of balance.

Developments like the Eclipse Townhomes take this concept of creation and consumption to the next level. They build total home environments founded on the concept of zero net energy (ZNE), or as its sometimes called, net zero.

A building that’s classified as zero net energy is responsible for developing energy on site that’s equal to or more than the amount of energy it uses. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that there’s no room in this equation for excessive waste.

Advantages of Net Zero Energy

Number one on the list of advantages (drum roll, please) has to be reduced carbon emissions. This is a biggie. It’s the modus operandi behind designing net-zero energy structures. If you think that your home doesn’t have that much of an impact, think again. According to the United States Energy Administration, 39% of all the energy consumed in the country in 2017 came from residential addresses. It’s a staggering figure when you consider it and an example of how so often prudence begins at home. You may not think your decision to live with an eco-conscious attitude has no effect, but it does — and in a big way.

And, believe it or not, living an eco-conscious (NZE) lifestyle is not that difficult when you choose an eco-conscious community of like-minded people. Eclipse Townhomes offer a very real opportunity to practice your commitment to sustainable living. There are many advantages to choosing to follow this lifestyle. Some of them include:

  • Reduced environmental pollution for the planet. Let us repeat — the planet. We all live here. Help keep it clean. We can’t repeat this enough.
  • Reduced personal environmental pollution. Living in an eco-friendly home has the effect of having less immediate toxins in your personal surroundings. Better for you and for the people who are important to you. You can be assured that construction of an NZE building is done with nontoxic materials.
  • Net zero energy makes you less susceptible to power outages. Whether an energy disruption is due to problems with the grid or because of a natural disaster, you’ll have security knowing you’ll have a supply of energy.
  • Energy savings. When all is said and done, you will discover that your costs for energy (electricity, etc.) are lower in the long run. NZE living is very cost-effective, and again you’ll enjoy some sense of independence. You won’t be left to the mercy of fluctuations in oil and gas prices.
  • Homes that are classified as net-zero energy have higher resale values. Again, this makes smart money sense.
  • You’ll have a quieter environment. There is such a thing as noise pollution. In net-zero energy buildings, materials like Icenyne spray foam, a sealant with a soy base, not only provide insulation but also have the effect of providing soundproofing.
  • Less maintenance. An eco-friendly building generally requires less maintenance. This is because the materials used in NZE homes are not only nontoxic but last longer. Thus, they require less upkeep and repair.
  • Use of natural resources. Net zero energy buildings make excellent use of naturally occurring resources like sunlight.

Scottsdale and Solar

Solar power is one of the hallmarks of net-zero buildings. Though Arizona is known around the world for its sunny skies, utilization of this great natural resource has been underused. Not anymore with Eclipse Townhomes, whose development helps maximize Scottsdale’s Solar energy. Solar panels take advantage of this natural resource to provide those net zero energy homes with the electricity and heat they require.

Solar panels work by collecting light particles (through the use of what are called photovoltaic cells) to release electrons from atoms. The dynamic of this action releases energy that converts to electricity.

Eclipse Townhomes – Near Everything

Close to Many Must-See Venues In and Around Scottsdale

ASU SkySong – by Kevin Dooley

In real estate, there is an old adage: location, location, location.

The Eclipse Townhomes offer that and more.

Located at 1401 North Granite Reef Road (south of McDowell Road), the Eclipse Townhomes are close to the 101/202 loop freeways and the Skyharbor Airport.

Easy and convenient access is available to downtown Scottsdale, home to many great restaurants, trendy stores and artistic ventures.

Additionally, the sister city of Phoenix is only a short 15-minute drive away. Tempe is 5 minutes away, and the East Valley cities come into focus after a short 5-10 minute drive on the 202 freeway.

Other close destinations include:

  • SkySong. SkySong, which is close to the Arizona State University Tempe campus, is a destination for large and small companies on the cutting edge of the development of collaborative technology. It’s hard to miss SkySong. Its distinctive architecture resembles large lilies.
  • The Phoenix Zoo. The largest privately owned and nonprofit organization of its kind in the country provides many educational and conservation programs. It’s a favorite spot for families with small children.
  • Rio Salado Park and Habitant. This project and park is dedicated to protecting the home of many species of birds particular to this environment. The site is a haven for those who appreciate natural beauty and who love enjoying outdoor activities like hiking.
  • The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. Lovers of modern architecture, art and design have made this a popular and must-see destination.
  • OdySea Museum. This attraction is the largest aquarium in the Southwest and brings the wonder of the oceans to the desert.
  • The McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Hike, bike or go horseback riding on over 190 miles of trails. Guides are available on site to help you on your explorations.
  • The Pinnacle Peak Trail. Hikers at all levels will find this trail an excellent workout for body and mind.
  • Eagle Mountain Golf Course in Scottsdale. Enjoy a day on the links at this favorite golf course. In fact you can choose from over 200 golf courses around Scottsdale.

Eclipse – The Future is Now…

…and It’s Happening in Our Backyard

If you’re as excited as I am about net-zero living coming to Scottsdale via Eclipse Townhomes, you’ll also be happy to know that this community has a superb futuristic design. two photographs from drones: 1 of the new MODUS development called Eclipse Scottsdale and the other of the new Apple HeadquartersIt’s a smart look that takes inspiration from Apple (a company known for great design) and has a circular configuration that Apple founder Steve Jobs compared to “a little spaceship.”

This unique layout gives the community a next-generation feel and provides plenty of space for the planting of trees and other landscaping.

Eclipse Townhomes also takes inspiration from New York City’s Guggenheim Museum.

It is said that Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Guggenheim based on his definition of organic architecture, which according to the Guggenheim museum, said that buildings should be in harmony with their natural environments.

Features of organic architecture include lots of space to accommodate more breathing room.

The Eclipse Townhomes’ very name is inspired by its shape — circular and thus similar to an eclipse.

Sizes of units at Eclipse Townhomes range from 1,811 to 2,065 square feet. Each unit comes with its own two baths and a two-car garage.

A community swimming pool is provided for all residents.

The luxury units that make up the Eclipse Townhomes are configured in three, three-story buildings.

Potential residents can choose from units with either two or three bedrooms (perfect for growing families).

Additionally, there are four different floor plans that are available.

Unique, Customized Design

High-Tech Function at Eclipse Townhomes

Since MODUS is very familiar with the area, you’ll see design that maximizes the environment’s existing potential. Some of the development’s customized features that combine high-tech design with energy-saving function include:

  • Icenyne Spray Foam. This type of insulation is a sealant that helps to improve cooling and heating costs. You can be assured that Icenyne foam insulation is thoroughly tested for fire safety and insulation against sound transmission.
  • Recessed balconies and window areas. The recessed style helps to protect properties from wind and rain damage.
  • Cool roof technology. This companion to solar paneling helps to reflect the sun’s rays and reduce overheating of units. Cool roof technology contributes to a reduced use of electricity and is also a cost-cutter when it comes to energy usage.
  • North/south orientation. Why is orientation important when constructing a net zero energy home? It’s because orientation maximizes energy use. Think of it this way: The direction of the development helps to accommodate the building’s increased reliance on natural light for solar power. Both north and south orientations increase optimization of natural light.
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. Again, let the light in. Brighter light leads to increased levels of satisfaction and well-being.
  • Low-E windows. What exactly are low-e windows? They are windows designed to let lots of natural light in through the use of state-of-the-art technology. They differ from regular windows in a significant way. They are coated in barely there metallic oxides that cut down harmful ultraviolet rays that can have a detrimental effect on you and your belongings.
  • PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) piping. Less expensive than traditional copper piping, PEX piping runs directly to fixtures. PEX piping isn’t subject to erosion like copper piping and it’s also less vulnerable to temperature shifts. A big plus to using this type of piping is that it doesn’t use toxins like glue or lead.
  • 100 percent LED lighting. LED lighting has come a long way since its early use. In the past it was often criticized for its cold, rather harsh light. That has changed big time. Today LED lights come in a variety of colors and designs that can suit your mood, are energy efficient, last a long time and save you money.
  • High SEER heat pumps. SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. Appliances that have a high SEER rating are more energy efficient.
  • Energy Star appliances. An appliance that’s Energy Star certified saves energy and ultimately cash.
  • Energy recovery ventilators.
  • Hybrid water heaters.
  • Individual balconies.
  • “Smart” dwellings. All of the units at Eclipse Scottsdale Townhomes are enabled for virtual assistants from Apple and Google. Home automation is a key component of the Eclipse Townhomes. Residents can control their lighting and appliances and heating and air conditioning though their smart televisions, iPads and smart phones. Home automation technology can help residents track their energy usage, identify energy leaks and monitor billing and costs so they can stay on top of things.

Third-Party, Nonaffiliated, Expert Validation

Eclipse Scottsdale Townhomes – Legit Confirmation

It’s easy to say a building is “green” but proving it is another thing. You can be sure the Eclipse Scottsdale Townhomes are the real deal when it comes to eco-conscious living. Their construction is certified through an independent certificate program that measures the efficacy of buildings classified as green. 

How Green is Eclipse?

Eclipse Scottsdale energy Star CertThe Eclipse Townhomes are also participants and certified recipients of the Energy Star program of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Check out the  Sample Energy Star Certificate that shows the Eclipse Scottsdale Townhomes have a Zero HERS score.  

Why is the Energy Star Certification so important?

The Energy Star certificate matters because it gives an unbiased assessment of a building from a party that is not connected with its construction and development.

The Energy Star program awards its certification based on the use of objective measurements of internal environments, carbon emissions and effective use of energy resources.

When a building or project is Energy Star certified, you know you’re getting a real certification that a building is indeed green. 

Eclipse Scottsdale Townhomes have a HERS score of ZERO. Eclipse is Energy Star Certified. Click To Tweet

There are many new homes with a HERS score in the 50-60 range. That’s an excellent score by the way.

Many builders tout those scores because they know that a score in the fifty to sixty range is 30% better than some of their competitors.

Eclipse is at the most extreme end of the efficiency spectrum with a zero HERS score.

Yes, You can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

… and You Can Start Today

In this day and age, it’s still not too late to make changes that impact both the planet’s and your immediate home’s environment.

From small everyday changes like recycling to larger changes like choosing to live wholeheartedly in an eco-conscious home, reducing your carbon footprint is something that helps you and your family and the larger family of man.

Your choice of dwelling etches your mark on the environment.

Why not consider a place that will help make the planet a better place?

Thank you for your interest in Eclipse and GREEN living. Remember that each of us can make a difference.

Becoming conscious of the energy you consume also makes you more aware of the world around you and how your actions affect it.

Now all this may sound lofty, but these changes have many practical consequences on your day-to-day living.

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Being conscious of your energy usage can:

• Help your immediate environment by making changes that improve your quality of life.

• Help the planet. This includes wildlife and plants too. They’re also residents.

• Help save you money.

• Help you feel like you’re doing your part.

• Help you feel good about what you’re doing.

• Help to leave the world a better place.

The Eclipse Townhomes are an example of how eco-conscious living combines style and function to create a residence that promotes and encourages a life that makes better environmental sense.

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