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With installation costs declining and with residential solar panels systems becoming more affordable, more and more individuals are looking into investing in Surprise solar homes.

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💰 Selling Surprise Solar Homes

A young man installing solar panels on Surprise Solar Homes Surprise solar homes are some of the most valuable in the market; on average, a current solar energy system can add as much as $20,000 to the sale price of a home.

Therefore, Surprise solar homes that are embedded with green features such as high-tech solar panels tend to sell for a higher price and at a much faster rate than those that do not.

For any homeowner to make a killing, the Surprise solar home must be fitted with purchased solar panels instead of leased ones.

Surprise solar homes that have leased systems are not usually included in a home’s final valuation for mortgages.

If you do decide to sell your Surprise solar home but it has leased solar panels, the prospective or new homebuyer will have to agree to take over the old solar lease, which is quite rare.

Some homebuyers tend to be put off by the suggestion of taking over a lease that only has a few years left on it.

Before you can put your home on the market, make sure that you have maintained your roof and solar systems to reap the rewards. 

Alternatively, consider reviewing the details of your purchase lease before putting your property on the market.

If you purchased your system using a secured loan, pay off the balance before you decide to sell the Surprise solar home.

Here are some more tips for selling Surprise solar homes:

📄 Prepare a Disclosure Package About the Solar System

Buyers, especially those that are not well informed about solar homes, are going to want to ask as many questions as possible about your home and the panels installed. Make sure to gather all the information in a disclosure packet that the buyers can take with them.

✍ Document All Your Dollar Savings

To help buyers make a decision easily, provide documents that can prove the dollar savings you made as a result of the solar panel in your Surprise solar home. showing them the savings will help them understand how they will benefit from making the investment.

🤑 Is Solar Affordable?

📝 Calculate the Added Value They Will Get

To get the added value of the Surprise solar home, calculate the watts that the system puts out and multiply the number by four. The number that you get is what the panels are worth according to some research by experts. Please note that the value will vary so carry out plenty of research to give the right information to prospective buyers.

📚 Research Solar Energy Resources

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