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Your search for Phoenix Solar Homes starts here. You can drill down by price range and see all of the homes with solar panels here in Phoenix. Solar is a great way for you to hedge against rising power costs. You can’t control the utility companies, so why not own your own power-plant. Essentially, that’s what you get when you own a home in Phoenix with a solar system. Another great attribute of solar is the fact that you are lowering your carbon footprint and helping mother earth when you go solar. Check out all of the Phoenix solar homes here.

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🤓 Are Phoenix Solar Homes really Energy Efficient?

A professional solar panel installer on a roof where panels are being installed. Find your Phoenix Solar Homes here.Energy ratings have become all the rage these days, which is why Phoenix solar homes have become so popular with homeowners and investors. However, are Phoenix solar homes really as energy efficient as they claim to be?

Energy efficiency has become so emphasized in today’s consumer market that almost every electronic item available including dishwashers, air conditioners and fridges comes with energy rating stickers. The more stars on the sticker, the more efficient the appliance is.

Aside from rating household appliances, energy efficiency ratings also affect houses.

If you want to know how energy efficient your Phoenix solar home is, all you need to do is find a qualified and accredited energy auditor to come out to your home. 

The auditor will make calculations and give you a certificate that will notify you how energy efficient your home is.

Phoenix solar homes energy efficiency can be calculated based on the following parameters:

  • The layout of the Phoenix solar home
  • The construction design of the walls, floors, roof, and windows
  • The orientation or direction of the windows, as well as any shading that may block the sun’s path.
  • How suitable the local climate is
  • The residential solar system used and the technology around it

🤑 What Are the Financial Benefits of Owning Solar Panels

🌞 Efficiency of Systems in Phoenix Solar Homes

The efficiency of solar power units can be impacted by a number of variables including the installation process, as well as the design of the Phoenix solar home itself.

A solar unit’s efficiency can be affected by:

🛠 Construction of the Panel and its Design

Most residential solar panels come embedded with a layer of protective glass over the cells that allow the rays of sunlight to pass through. The amount of solar power that is harnessed depends largely on the angle of the panel which will affect the light passing as well as the reflectivity of the glass.

🏃‍♀️ The Positioning

Solar panels in Phoenix solar homes must be positioned correctly in order to capture maximum sunlight. This is important even in a sunny climate like Phoenix.

🏚 Roof Pitch

For Phoenix solar homes that come with mounted panels on the rooftop, the pitch or the slope of the roof will also affect the amount of sunlight that will hit the panels.

🌡 Temperature

Some panels are designed for warmer climates which means that the efficiency of the panel must be maintained as the temperatures rise. To get the best out of your Phoenix solar home, it must be fitted with a solar panel that is right for your location and climate so that you can make the most of your investment. Talk to a reputable solar equipment company that installs and maintains these solar systems.

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