Increasing the estimated home value is the top priority of every homeowner. Once you add value to your home, you end up the best positive return.

📜 Estimated Home Value Guidelines

Some home improvement projects will add little or no cost to your home.

So, which home improvement projects will most significantly add to your estimated home value?

You can increase your estimated home value without having to spend much.

However, you need to know what will give you the most value-add.

🔨 1. Minor Repairs

A lovely couple watching their house thinking their estimated home valueTo increase your estimated home value, you can always carry out some minor repairs.

Replace fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms such as lighting and faucets, cabinet handles and doors, etc. The light in your bathroom adequately; paint it with a neutral light shade color.

It’s equally important that kitchen must be upgraded by changing counter tops, polishing drawers, repairing washbasins and changing doors and cabinet handles.

Inspect and restore furniture, doors, and windows in the bath and kitchen too.

Use double glazed PVCu for your windows, since they add significantly to the estimated home value and are easy to maintain.

🖌️ 2. Repainting Walls

An updated house to increase estimated home valueYou can also repaint the walls and ceiling of your home to make it attractive.

When you repaint your walls, it covers blemishes and faded paints, giving your home a new glow.

The exciting thing is that it’s not an expensive project.

You can even do the painting if you have the expertise or you can hire a professional painter to assist you.

This will also add a plus to your estimated home value

🏚️ 3. Staging the Home

A wonderful house with high estimated home valueOrganizing your home creates a cozy ambiance for visitors especially during the open home inspection.

With this intention, try to furnish and position your furniture and decors in a manner that they will appear more prominent.

You can as well hang attractive mirrors and decorations to make your room more gorgeous.

When your room seems big, it’s estimated home value increases

🚪 4. Outdoor Space

Create a garden in the backyard of your property and add a deck for entertainment, this will profoundly affect your estimated home value.

You can improve the deck-area by adding a patio cover, furniture or any other appliances you desire.

Also think of adding outdoor appliances like barbecue appliance, furnace, pot plants and multi-use furniture.

You may also develop something to the place to turn out imaginary after, like a neat landscape garden before selling your home.

Anyone who will buy a house would consider plus for the property if they can see a well-groomed garden in their place.

There will likely be competition for the right to buy the home with the garden.

🧤 5. Do Regular Cleaning

General cleaning increases your estimated home value not only inside but also outside.

You must first pay attention cleaning the roof, examine the areas cracks or blisters to avoid damages inside the house.

However, if you see any you can carefully cut the blistered areas and then seal the area with a new layer of whatever kind of roofing sealant that is recommended for the job.

You may ask roof cleaning company that offers good service in Phoenix that you can count on to clean your roof. 

Use the pressure washers to clean porches and walkways.

Get rid of clutters by cleaning closets and cupboards.

Clean to remove stains on countertops.

You may also clean your carpets with a cleaning machine or hire a company to do it.

Finally. if you succeed on following the guides.

All these cleanings will make your home attractive to guests and visitors.


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