How to make a tire swing? The old fashion tire swing not only takes us back to childhood memories but allow our kids to experience similar memories and outdoor fun moments playing with friends. Creating one for your kids is fairly simple, cheap and not time-consuming. To know how to make a tire swing, you just need to follow the steps below.

📑 What Do You Need on How to Make a Tire Swing

Happy child swinging on a tire swing by following the guide on How to make a Tire SwingThe following are the materials needed on how to make a tire swing

  • Tire
  • Power drill
  • A large strong and sturdy tree
  • A ladder
  • Thick rope


✅ Step #1

happy father and child for finishing the tire swing by following the guide on How to make a Tire Swing This is the very first step you need to do in the process of knowing how to make a tire swing.

Here, you need to get the right tire!

The best tire for this purpose is one that is old.

Although new tires look better, they have steel belts, which can probably result in injury to your child.

✅ Step #2

Since used tires are the best, you need to clean, wash and rinse with detergent.

Pressure water washing is the best method for removing any dirt that can stain the clothing of your kids.

You can as well take your tire to an auto wash service for proper washing.

✅ Step #3

Use a power drill tool to bore three to four small holes in the bottom of the tire.

This is to prevent rain, durst, or any form of dirt etc from accumulating in the tire.

✅ Step #4

Select a strong and healthy tree with three sturdy limbs.

This is to prevent the weight of the kids from breaking the limbs, thus guaranteeing the safety of the tire swing after installation.

✅ Step #5

Buy a sturdy thick and long rope that can extend from the limb to the ground.

The rope should be long enough so that extra (about 3-4feet) can be used for knots at both ends.

You could as well double the rope to provide additional safety and durability.

✅ Step #6

Young Adult playing with a tire swing and was accomplished by following the guide on How to make a Tire SwingThis is the last step you have to follow when you are out to know how to make a tire swing.

To assemble the swing, use an old rubber hose to wedge between limb and rope.

One of the ropes is tied to the tree limb and the double the knot where the rope ends.

To keep ropes in place during swinging, a knot should be tied directly beneath the limb.

Loop and make another knot through the portion of the tire.

Most often a traditional square tie knot can be used.

The second not is also tied to keep the first in

Lastly, cut the remaining rope. To guarantee the safety of your children, test the swing yourself.

✅ Step #7

You can start having fun outdoors with your kids.

These are the various steps you have to carefully follow to know how to make a tire swing.