How much does a home inspection cost? Our Step by Step Guide will keep you on track and out of trouble. In the midst of the home buying process, you’re shelling out a lot of dough. The reasons why home inspections matter below.

🏘️ Home Inspection Costs vs the Alternative

In this video we cover why a home inspection may be the smartest money you spend when buying a house. In it we will answer how much does a home inspection cost? Now, it might seem like nonsense, and I say a buck gets ten that you’ll be darned glad you shelled out a couple of bucks to get the place looked at by a pair of eyes that has probably seen thousands of homes. A trained inspector is one of the most helpful resources you can hire when making a home purchase. I recommend that you don’t skip it.


🤑 How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

Exactly, how much does a home inspection cost? Fair question. Why? Because knowing your total out of pocket costs is just plain smart. So good for you. That’s probably why you’re reading this. When considering the cost of a home inspection we should also think about the possible hidden costs that will come our way when the inspections are skipped. Let’s get into that right here and right now.

Buying a Home Without an Inspection

I get it. On the surface, a home inspection is just another expense. Who needs it. After all, you may have friends and family members who are construction experts. So that could save you some much-needed cheddar. Let me lay out some reasoning that may raise your eyebrow. While you read this I want you to consider why I am arguing for you to get an inspection. In my opinion, these inspections can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Furthermore, a the findings of a home inspection and the report given to you can help you avoid the kind of problems that you do not want to sneak up on you.

Common Home Inspection Findings

Here is a short list of home inspection items that come up frequently:

Damaged Roofs

Sometimes a roof can look good from the ground. And you might even think that things look fine when crawling around on the roof (not recommended. Just sayin). Sometimes seams, valley gutters, sealant, shingles, and coatings may be starting toSkipped Home Inspection fail. Most roof systems are designed to last for decades. Now you can see why cleaning and maintaining your roof makes a ton of good sense. But I digress.

Wouldn’t you want to know if the estimated remaining life of those components was at the end of it’s life? For sure you would, right? Roofs can be expensive. It is not uncommon for an average-sized roof to cost between $15,000 – $25,000. If we find roof problems during the inspection period we will have some serious leverage that we can apply to the deal. The typical home inspection with a termite inspection included will run you less than $500 in most cases (unless you are buying a bigger and/or older home).

HVAC Systems

Air conditioning is one of those essentials here in the Arizona heat. When it’s 114º there are no if or and about it. You gotta have some cool air coming through those vents. And if you don’t you’ll do almost anything to get it. You already know that these air cooling units can easily eclipse $8,000. And, that’s if you only need one.

It is very common for homes around 2,200 sq ft or more to need multiple units. This week I sold a 2,000 square foot home with three separate units. So, yeah, it can add up fast. Older units can continue to run, but the cost of maintenance can be through the roof. The older version of freon is becoming more and more expensive. This is the governments way of making older a/c units get replaced.

Aluminum wiring

Here’s a biggie. Why is aluminum wiring such a concern? It’s because the transition from aluminum to copper can be tricky. Much of the components in an electrical system have copper in them. Bridging from aluminum to copper is the part where things can go wrong. Done right, aluminum wiring is an excellent option. Done wrong and you could have a legit fire hazard on your hands.

Some people discover this in an n inspection and end up being cool with a recommended fix, that the industry endorses. Some people just cannot sleep without getting that aluminum outta there. It can run into thousands of dollars. Typically replacing the wiring in a house will run upwards of $10,000 including drywall repairs that are needed after all the wires have been replaced.

Plumbing Problems

Things can seem mighty fine looking at a kitchen sink. All that gleaming metal. Do you know that saying? “You can’t judge a book by its cover”? That goes double for plumbing. Oh let me count the ways. All sorts of hiding issues can be lurking behind those kitchen cabinets and under that beautiful green grass.

Here’s just one example. You LOVE that historic home. It’s so quaint. The trees are magnificent. The elevation is really beyond lovely. But what about the plumbing. Oh, who cares. Plumbing schlumbing. Hold on cowboy. There could be serious problems underneath that super cute home. There’s a thing called a sewer line. And today’s sewer lines are commonly made of really thick pvc pipe that should last for decades. In the old days, they often used clay pipes. yes, you read that right. I said, clay. Roots and moisture can wreak havoc on clay pipes.

With these older homes, we will often call in a specialist (about $300 additional dollars) to send a video camera down the sewer drain to inspect for bulges, fractures, and clogs. Replacing a sewer line can easily run between $5,000 and $15,000 depending on length and depth.

Foundation issues

Here’s a big one. I’m just warning you. These kinds of problems are uncommon, and when they come up they’re not cheap to resolve. To have a company undermine the foundation of a house is often step one. Then they pump in a whole lotta concrete to firm up the foundation. An engineer has to certify the fix. Often times these repairs can make a troubled foundation stronger than any foundation in the neighborhood. As you might imagine, it does not come cheap. After the foundation is repaired you might even have wall and ceiling cracks to fix. At that point, they are only cosmetic, but it is indeed another repair cost. When it comes to the cost of a foundation you will forget all about your initial concern:  “How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?”.

Framing Structure

Just when you thought we ran out of problems we address another one. Representing a seller when a an inspector brings the roof trusses into question is no fun at all. If an inspector sees cracked trusses and insufficient support for the roof they might challenge the integrity of the roof. And here again, Mr or Mrs Engineer gets invited in (at a fee) to examine and share their discoveries. When that happens more often than not they will find problems that require significant repairs. One typical example is a trussed roof that has concrete or clay tiles where there were lighter asphalt shingles back in the day. the original roof material may have adequate framing to support that roof. And then Mr roofer comes a long 10 years ago and puts a tile roof on top of the old shingle roof. The weight of the roof load can be so tremendous that some of the trusses hidden in the attic might begin to crack. if that happens an engineer may require additional timbers be installed after the drooping roof is jacked back up . Sounds expensive, doesn’t it?

🕵️‍♂️ Reasons Why Home Inspections Really Matter

Home Inspections Make Home Buying Smarter and Safer

Home inspection process matters most when getting ready to take property into your name that could be relatively problem-free or be a total money-pit. How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost? Answer: a lot less than the cost of a giant hidden home repair.

Number one to inspect smarter, is to avoid inheriting big problems. We already gave the roof example. And remember the air conditioner? If that goes out, that can easily cost you many thousands of dollars.

Number two to inspect smarter, is you could get the seller’s participation in fixing some of these high ticket items. If there are problems found during the inspection process.

Number three to inspect smarter, you get the opportunity to not only negotiate those repairs but possibly reduce the price of the home. If you find that there are so many repairs that need to be made. It actually affects the price of the home or the value of the home.

Number four to inspect smarter, is if the seller doesn’t agree to something reasonable when it comes to these repairs, you can move on. The only cost to you is the cost of the home inspection itself. In this way, you get to make a grownup decision about whether or not you want to inherit those expensive repairs. You may also move on to another house, where the next seller is probably going to be whole lot more reasonable.

More Purposes Why It Matters

Number five to inspect smarter during the home inspection process. You might discover that there is unpermitted space in this house. There might be an addition that wasn’t permitted and again this is an item for you to negotiate about. If the house is said to be 2,700 square feet but you discover that there is a patio that’s been enclosed, that accounts for 400 square feet and no permit was pulled. Well guess what? the appraiser is definitely not going to assign the same value to that space as the original construction constructed portion of the house. That was permitted.

Number six to inspect smarter. You can project future maintenance costs by having a nice list from your home inspection report and number. It creates a great little work list for you to work off of as you maintain the house for years to come. You’ll see that certain things wear out. It may note some things like sealant around the tub. You might need to recall from time to time.So that you’ve got a good watertight seal around the tubs and showers. You might need to replace the weather seals on your front and back doors. So that your house is energy efficient and airtight. These are the things that I can think that are really useful when it comes to a home inspection report that go far beyond just identifying the repairs themselves.


So How Much Does Home Inspection Cost If I Don’t Get One?

Come on now! Would you really be willing to roll the dice on big home repairs?

I always remind my buyers that a home inspection report gives me the opportunity to renegotiate the deal for my clients.

It is one of my favorites junctions in the entire Plumbing repairs - How Much Does Home Inspection Costtransaction.

I look at it like this is my big chance to save my people gobs and gobs of money.

While most agents shy away from the inspection negotiations I find myself wringing my hands with glee.

I can not wait to sweeten the pot by going over the expensive costs of discovered problems unearthed in a home inspection report.

My inspectors do not hold back on the digital images. When it comes to proof I say the more the merrier.

You’ve heard the saying “every picture tells a story”? It is very true.

A damming photograph of a roof, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, or structural problem might be all I need to crush the seller’s side into submission and fetch my buyer the deal of a lifetime.

I’m Phoenix real estate agent, John Cunningham with exp Realty. Thanks for watching this video.

If you are ready to buy a home I have several inspectors who I can recommend that have thousands of inspections under their belt.

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Again, thank you for reading our post “How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?”. As you can see the expense of shelling out for a general home inspection pales in comparison to the hidden issues that can be lurking in a property that may need significant work.