House staging as a homeowner gives you an added marketing advantage. Staged homes will motivate potential buyers to look at your home and proceed with the home buying process.

📃 Benefits of House Staging

A young boy is sitting in their table making it as a home staging with a box on his headBased on the pictures and videos over the internet. Many home buyers will make decisions to look at a particular house.

It gives the homeowner an added marketing advantage if you stage your home. Staged homes will motivate potential buyers to look at your home and proceed with the home buying process.

Slap on a fresh coat of paint for the best price if you want to sell your home quickly. Paint color actually plays a more important role today than most homeowners assume.

Sellers merely remodel or renovate to look attractive to buyers. Apart from painting and repairing significant problems in the house.

Try to remodel your kitchen. To buyers with children will definitely look at it. The process of restoring your kitchen can be fascinating to buyers.

Home buyers are trying to introduce what is called “white-boxing” as an alternative to house staging.

Why Do Sellers Make their House Home Staged?

Due to competition, home sellers who have high valued properties located in attractive locations do everything possible to get their home staged.

As compared to house staging, white-boxing allows potential buyers to explore the outside view rather than the inner aspect of the home. White-boxing enhances the curb appeal of a home like house staging.

It is different from staging in furniture and accessories. It does not give room for aesthetic choices that buyer can guess the layout and floor design.

When decided to do about staging your home, it is good to know those licensed Professionals in Phoenix that offer a variety of home staging services.

💁🏻 Does White-Boxing Works for The Luxury Real Estate?

A white box with a light inside and a question mark above itNowadays, ‘designer-ready’ is extremely more striking than ‘move-in ready’ to the rich. Home sellers in the luxury market prefer more attractive designs. White-boxing is applicable in luxury markets where the real estate market is doing great such as Los Angeles and New York City.

Example of It

Rather than carrying out the necessary interior renovations. To stage his penthouse apartment, a home seller applied the white-boxing technique. The house sold faster because it could be viewed from all directions in New York City. This indicates that white-boxing could be a handy alternative to house staging.

However, white-boxing does not work for every property or buyer. That is why house staging remains the most suitable and favorite staging tool in the real estate market. However, white-boxing is not about improving the aesthetic view of the house. It is about toying up the value of the home location. In that way, buyers can imagine the house from their perspective.

Disadvantage of Whiteboxing

A white-box property cannot be occupied immediately by a buyer that’s the main disadvantage. The buyer will have to wait for long for the house to be renovated. Therefore, white-boxing cannot work for buyers who will like to move in immediately after buying. However, white-boxing will work for buyers who will want to renovate and repair the house to suit their taste.

🤷🏻‍♂️ Should You White-Box Your Property?

When your house is situated in an attractive location or has beautiful views, white-boxing works well. Those situated near top-ranked amenities like schools.

Since it’s difficult to show a property in a poor state. White-boxing may be a better option for house staging that requires significant renovation.

Most buyers tend to focus on the problem but could consider a white-box house if it’s located in a desirable spot.


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