What are the six home selling mistakes that homeowners make when they sell their home?

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What are the six big mistakes that homeowners make when they sell their home? I’m Phoenix real estate agent, John Cunningham with exp Realty. When we come back, we’re going to talk about those six mistakes and how to avoid them.

Now, those six big mistakes that homeowners make and how to avoid them when it’s time to sell their house.

🔖 Six Home Selling Mistakes

home selling mistakes to avoidPicking the Wrong Agent

First home selling mistake is picking the wrong agent. I’m going to tell you a quick story about a client of mine that I met a few years ago. I went to sell their home and then I asked what they felt like their home could sell for. They gave me a price and I knew with this in mind that it was $5,000 below the market value. This house was in pristine condition. I knew that it was going to be well received when it was time to sell. Choosing a real estate agent starts with the decision to make. So, I gave them my advice, I said, you know I really think we should list it here rather than here. Then, they took my advice, we sold it in one day, had multiple offers. It was a great experience for everybody.

Now, I could have taken the easy route. I could have listed it at that price well below market and easily sold it. So, rule number one is make sure you’re working with an agent that you feel good about to avoid home selling mistakes. Pick the right agent, interview them, and if you can’t get some references.

Over Pricing the Home

Second home selling mistake is over pricing the home. Just as it’s a huge obvious mistake to under price your home and leave money on the table. It’s equally true to overprice your home. If you overprice your home, people are going to be repelled from the property. They’re not gonna want to come and see it. They’re going to look at the ones that are priced right and buy those. Your house is going to do nothing more other than drive them to other properties and justify the purchase that they’re making elsewhere. In some cases, you might get some people to look at the house and you might be wondering, why aren’t I getting any offers?

Sometimes people don’t want it and salt the homeowner feeling like they think that it’s worth far less than the homeowner does. So, they don’t want to offend anyone. This is a big reason why sometimes overpriced homes don’t get the offers that they should and the showings that they should. Over pricing can really be detrimental, one of the biggest home selling mistakes but it can also cost you money in that as it sits on the market and doesn’t sell. You’re maybe making house payments that you wouldn’t have needed to make had you got it sold more quickly. So overpricing is definitely a home selling mistake.

Failed to Make Repairs

Next home selling mistake is, failing to make simple repairs. You know, if you’ve got simple and obvious repairs that need to be taken care of, it’s really inexpensive to have a good handyman come in and just knock those things out. A lot of times people want to buy something that isn’t going to take a lot of fiddling around in order to get things right. They feel less intimidated by taking on a home that doesn’t have a lot of small repairs that are going to really kind of drive them crazy and maybe overwhelm them.

Neglect to Declutter Home

Number four, neglecting to declutter home. This is the biggest home selling mistakes. It’s one of the things that cost next to no money. You know, putting all your knickknacks into a box. All the family pictures, all the things that you don’t need. And storing those offsite really makes a big difference. You want that buyer to come in and be able to see clearly what it’s going to be like for them to live there. They don’t want to see all your stuff. You want to have nicely placed furniture, well thought out designed pieces in place, counter tops, clear and free of clutter. So number four is declutter.

Not Allowing Adequate Access to your Home

Number five, is not allowing adequate access to your home. You know, if you put real restrictions on the showings, like people can only come and see it on Saturday between one and three o’clock and on Wednesdays from five to six o’clock. You’re really shooting yourself in the foot and you’re not making it convenient for the buyers who are out in the marketplace ready to see your home. So, do everything possible to make your home showable in good condition and available for people to see at their convenience rather than yours.

Over Emotional in Home Selling Process

Finally, number six home selling mistake is not getting over emotional about the home selling process. Here’s why. Sometimes an offer will come in, it might be a little bit lower than you are expected. And I can tell you that that can really set a seller off. I always urge buyers to be realistic with their offers, but you might be getting in an opera from somebody and they might perhaps know that your home has been on the market for a while and it still hasn’t sold.

So, you can’t blame them for trying to see whether or not you might be willing to reduce the price a little bit. Then, their offer comes in and if you get offended and kick them to the curb. You might never know whether or not they were really willing to give you a little bit better offer. So it’s always worth countering and seeing whether or not they’re willing to come up a little bit. Just because they offer a little bit below market or well below market, it doesn’t mean that they are not willing to come up. Try to ask the people if you should sell your house to an iBuyer.

So these are the six home selling mistakes that homeowners make when it’s time to sell their home. Don’t make those mistakes when it’s your turn to sell your home. I’m Phoenix real estate agent, John Cunningham with exp Realty. Thanks for watching this video. See ya!

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