What does a home warranty cost? Good question. We will talk about what is covered in a home warranty policy and share our opinion on these.

What does a Home Warranty Cost_

How a Home Warranty Brings Tremendous Value

What does a home warranty cost and is a home warranty policy worth it? You bet!

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Home Warranty Concept

What does a Home Warranty Cost_ _ Is a Home Warranty Policy a good idea_What does a home warranty cost and as a home warranty policy? A good idea?

I’m going to answer part two first. Yes, yes and yes.

I think a home warranty policy is a really good idea, especially if it’s your first year of homeownership and especially if you’re not particularly handy.

You see a home warranty can really give you peace of mind. It gives you a chance to get acquainted with the house. It’s just like buying an older car. If you buy an older car, sure you take it to the mechanic.

Sure. You check things out and you still don’t really know until a little time goes by if that car has any issues. Same thing with buying a home warranty and an older house.

Sure you have a home inspection and you ask the seller to make some repairs.

But it’s very possible that some things are just on the brink of breaking and it’s just kinda hard to tell during the inspection process.

In that case, wouldn’t it be great to have a home warranty in place if you have a $1,300 air conditioning problem coming up around the corner that you couldn’t tell or you didn’t notice during the inspection process?

Yeah, it would be a really good thing to have and oftentimes we can negotiate and get the seller to pay for that when you’re making a purchase.

Warranty For Your Home | Protection for Your Pocketbook

So what does a home warranty cost? A standard policy is going to start right around $400 and it can go up from there up and over a thousand dollars depending on how big the house is and how big of a policy you buy.

What Does Your Policy Cover?

So for example, almost always your major items like air conditioners and hot water heaters. Those kinds of things will have major coverage. Now an enhanced policy or a premium policy can go beyond that and cover more of those things and they can also cover things like appliances. They can cover things like swimming pools and spas. Sometimes they can even cover septic systems and landscaping drip systems.

Home Warranty Overview Wrap up

What does a Home Warranty Cost_So to wrap up, yes, I think a home warranty policy is well worth it and now you know about what the cost can run for those things and almost always when we’re representing the buyer, we’re going to negotiate to get the seller to pay for that on your behalf.

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