Adore blower test is one of the most important steps in any energy audit.

🚪 Why Door Blower Test is Necessary?

Energy auditA door blower test is one of the most important steps in any energy audit. A door blower test is an analytical tool used to measure how much air is out in your house. This will cause you losing energy and waste money, allowing professionals to create a custom solution plan. It lets the testers to apply a reliable and quantifiable pressure to the house so that houses can be equated accurately. How can an Energy Audit Benefit you as a Homeowner?

Professional has come in and performed the blower door test on your home. Kirsten SHA is one of the best in the business. What she’s doing now is she is building a frame to insert into the entrance of the house and at that point she’ll be able to hook up a large blower fan into the opening.

How Does the Blower Door Test Work?

So, turn it on and be able to charge the house so that it pressurizes the entire building.  Then, she’ll be able to hook up some meters and take a reading. Next is, she will calculate all the information and turned it into numbers that reference your home’s air leakage. From there, she can determine how efficient the houses and after that’s done, she can do some additional testing to figure out where the energy is being lost in the home and then recommend some fixes. This is how a door blower test is done in an energy audit.

In starting to set up your door blower test, you should place your hose outside of your house before you fully assemble the door. If you don’t, you’ll possibly have to take it apart again to get the hose in position. A drop of water in the end of your hose can mess up your results. So, another procedure of the professionals in using the door blower test is shielding the end of the hose from the wind, for it also helps keeping it from the water.

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