Declutter your home before you move. When it comes to moving, you have to decide what to take with you and what to leave behind. The very first thing is to determine what you want.

🗑️ Declutter Your Home?

First, ask yourself what your decluttering goals are.

Is it the entire house, a room or just the porch furniture you would like to move?

Are you interested in a home that is easy to clean or that would have less to dust?

So are the people looking to buy your house by the way.

To declutter your home, these tips are going to facilitate the process for you.

🕰️ 1. Get rid of poor quality furniture

Getting Rid of Old Furnitures to declutter your homeHave some tired old furniture? Think about how attached you are to it.

You can give them as gifts to interested family members or friends.

You can as well take them to local donation centers if you wish.

Getting rid of the deadwood will clear the slate for those trendy pieces you have been drooling over while surfing Instagram.

Removing ugly dated furniture will make your home more inviting when those home buyers start looking at your place.

👕 2. Clothes that no longer fit

Don’t forget about clothes when you wish to declutter your home. Make sure you donate things that no longer fit or those that need repairs. It is useless to spend money to repair some or taking care of them when they no longer fit. Taking them to charity donation centers will free the space they occupy around your home.

Often times closets are so over-filled that buyers skim past them.

If they are tidy and clean buyers will stare and take note.

🎛️ 3. Get rid of kitchen appliances that you have not been using

Any appliance that sits and collects dust in your kitchen has to be donated. We don’t use these appliances because we have replaced them with modern appliances. Before moving to a new home, get rid of them by taking them to the nearest Goodwill.

🗜️ 4. The Stuff in Your Garage

Most often, our garages are loaded with boxes of stuff, furniture, hoses, planters and trash cans etc. these items are often packed because we are too attached to them or we feel like using them in the future.  When you are about to declutter your home, check this stuff and decide if they worth moving, if they are not, donate or sell them to create space.

📟 5. Old Electronics

Clean Bathroom, old furniture and candles to declutter your homeGenerally, most people keep old electronics around their homes because since they believe that they can be repaired and reused.

Some keep them because they don’t know the most appropriate way of disposal.

Electronics such as old television, computers, and stereos refrigerator are dated looking and bring the overall look and feel of any property down.

If you’re attached to it consider boxing it up and having it ready to go when you move.

Less is better.

When those prospective buyers are walking through your home they will start dreaming about moving in if the place is free of clutter and easy to visualize in.

🐻 7. Stuffed Animals

Maybe Mary loved her teddy bear collection.

Still, Teddy and all his friends need to move into a nice brown moving box ASAP.

Just because that room was Mary’s doesn’t mean that the buyers won’t be using it as a home office.

This is amongst the important things to think of when we want to declutter our home.

Many of us are too attached to animal stuffed such that we find it difficult to get rid of them we think of moving.

Most of them end up on the shelf of closets or under the bed.

Therefore it’s essential to cut ties and figure out whether to move with them to your new home.

🎮 8. Donate excess toys

Some toys occupy space even if they are lightweight. Generally, some toys such as bicycles, sports equipment, and outdoor swingsets as occupy space. Always assess your toys to know whether you would move with them or not. Donating them to charity centers, friends or sending them to a second-hand shop will reduce the space they occupy. Therefore if you want to declutter your home, also think of what to do about them.

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