Regardless of how much you care or regularly maintain your home, you will still have to make some house updates and replace some items after 10 years.

👍 Truth Behind House Updates

To keep your home in a superb condition, you would likely have to carry out house update after every 10years. Click To Tweet

A modern kitchen fter making House UpdatesMost often we are scared of house updates or upgrading because of the expenses involved.

We may fix small damages like you never know when those windows, doors or cabinets in our house will need to be fix.

There are also instances we want to tighten that loose nut so it is important to have that one of the vital necessities in every home. 

The truth is whether we regularly maintain home items or not, they will get worse over time.

Therefore to keep your home in a superb condition, you would likely have to carry out house update after every 10years.”

You may buy new things that are useful in the house like the new trend furniture in good stores in Phoenix to replace the old ones.

🔳 1. Buy a New Carpet

Young couple is carrying a new carpet for making house updatesIt’s not clear to say how long your carpet can last.

However, to determine the actual lifespan of a carpet, many factors come into play, for example, care and maintenance, the quality of the carpet, carpet use and position and the number of pets and people.

The estimated average lifespan of a medium-grade- carpet is 10years.

Once you notice signs like tears, rips, stains or odor that last long even after cleaning, know that your carpet needs replacement.

Your house will still look unattractive if you carry out house updates without changing your carpet.

🚿 2. Replace Your Hot Water Tank

Hot water tanks hardly show sign wearing out.

Signs such as popping, gurgling, banging, or any other strange sound and or water not coming out of the faucets, are all signs that your hot water tank needs replacement.

Once you have used your water tank for 10 years or more, it’s advisable to replace it.

✴ 3. Update Ceiling Fans

A good quality fan should last for at least 10 years if it’s still in use, and when you notice that the light bulbs have burned out; know that the fan needs replacement.

Many kinds of modern models have been made to replace ceiling fans, and are excellent for house updates.

🚶 4. Buy a New Dishwasher


Like your hot water tank, you have to start thinking of replacing your dishwasher after 10 years, even if it’s still functional.

To carry out house updates, it’s better to get energy efficient models that can help you save money in the long run.

The signs that indicate that you should change your dishwasher include; cracks in the tub, poor cleaning, and malfunctioning of the detergent compartment, etc.

🗑️ 5. Replace Garbage Disposal

During house updates, you are expected to replace your garbage if it’s not functioning well.

Your garbage blades dull over time. In addition, since your garbage disposal has moving parts, it implies that mechanical frailer can suddenly occur.

Other signs include; loud grinding sounds, and regular flow of water from the garbage disposal into the sink when it’s running.

A high-quality garbage disposal can take an average of about 10-12 years to get bad.

Therefore consider replacing yours if it’s about this age, or when you want to do house updates.

🗄️ 6. Replace Washer and Dryer

Both appliances usually have an average lifespan of eight years.

Therefore get ready to replace them if they have been running for about eight years and above or when you are willing to do house updates.

After running them for these numbers of years, it’s cost effective to replace them rather than spending money on repairs.

Common dryer problems include; the drum isn’t tumbling, the unit burning your dress, dryer fails to turn, and the machine fails to heat.

🖌️ 7. Repaint Inside and Outside

Shows a hand holding a paint brush while doing the house updates

However external factors like humidity also can also affect the rate at which you paint your home.

Most people will paint if they realize that the paint has faded, or there are blemishes on their wall.

Painting is not a heavy project, so if you haven’t repainted your home for over 10 years, think of doing it now.

But try to search the designs that would fit your taste and avoid those home fading designs .

After house updates, your home will look great if you consider painting your house.


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