Negotiating the sale of your home in Phoenix is not always as simple as it sounds. Remember that each buyer, as well as their offer, is unique.

Offers that come in need to be evaluated depending on the criteria that you have established while establishing the sales price.

With all offers, what you need to do is assess the various concessions, exclusions as well as the contingencies within, so that you can understand exactly how much cash you will get when the transaction closes and how they are different from one another.

The advantages of cash for any home

In Phoenix, many homes sell as cash purchases. You may have heard that money is king. However, in real estate transaction, you always need to determine what is the context of the offer and also the ability of the buyer to close the deal.

They say that a cash offer should always gain attention because most home sales fail to close due to the failure to obtain financing.

Is financed buyer a risk?

You will probably come across many buyers who are pre-qualified for a loan. However, these pre-qualification letters are not always as strong as they are just a glance at a potential buyer’s credit. These buyers pose a risk to any home seller.

It is true that a pre-approved buyer has passed the bank’s extensive financial checks such as earnings, credit ratings, and debt-to-income ratio, but these are not final approvals.

Choosing the best offer for you

A full price cash offer without any contingencies and closing in not more than two weeks is the best offer.

Of course, it is not very often that you come across such proposals. Finally, we recommended that you take your time, review the number, and you will be successful in selling your home ” For Sale by Owner” at a reasonable price.