The CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) is a tool that real estate agents use to gauge current market value for a property that they could be listing.

CMA Explained - Comparative Market Analysis CMA – Your Agent’s Professional Opinion of Value

The CMA is the first step in establishing the market price for a home that is getting ready to be sold.

As a Phoenix real estate agent I know that the local market is always on the move. In other words, what was going on with home prices 6 months ago isn’t necessarily what is happening today in the Phoenix real estate market. A well done CMA shines over the ever popular Zestimate which is really nothing more than a kindergarten play toy that can be terribly misleading on many levels for homeowners looking to establish a fair market value for their property. Let’s take a look at how this powerful tool works.

Comparative Market Analysis Attributes

When your agent prepares a CMA it compares your home to others that are most similar to yours. Then it computes pricing based on those homes. Done right, this is the best way to get your home priced for top dollar when it’s time to sell.

What kind of homes work best for comparison?

  • homes in the same community.
  • similar in size (within 300 square feet of yours).
  • homes with like upgrades (especially mechanical, roof, windows, and age of interior finishes).
  • homes sold within the last 3-6 months (can go a full year out if not enough homes come up in the search).

How Your Agents Can Fine Tune Your CMA

  1. Look at every photograph of every comparable property to determine likeness.
  2. Weed out those properties that are over or under-improved.
  3. Determine if expanding geographically beyond subdivision is needed.
  4. View homes currently on the market to establish your highest price and competitiveness.
  5. Provide a price range (high – low).

The CMA explained information should give you a good understanding of how the Comparative Market Analysis works.

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Get Your Own Comparative Market Analysis

Now that you have read my CMA Explained post you will understand how we arrived at your current home value when we meet. If you would like for me to prepare a CMA for you just reach out and I will have it done and delivered after we look at your home. In the mean-time, if you want a down and dirty “what’s my home worth” computer generated number you can get that; just click the button below…

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*Remember: This number should be considered a raw starting point only and should not be relied on for pricing your home. When you are ready for that I will look at your home together with you.

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