You can choose between plenty of cheap moving supplies. You can bear with me that moving is one of the most difficult tasks. Moving does not only involve huge outlay, but each stage is very complex.

🤑 Cheap Moving Supplies

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Man using cheap moving suppliesWhenever you plan to move, cheap moving supplies should be your topmost priority. Without the basics, you won’t get far.

It does not matter if you are packing up from a 3 bedroom home in Phoenix or a luxury home in Scottsdale. You will have a much smoother move when you have the right supplies on hand.

Note that moving cost can be far beyond what you expect.

Therefore you need to be fully prepared to deal with sudden and unavoidable cost.

👛 Here’s How to Move on the Cheap

First, you need to be organized.

Next, you’ve gotta use some guerrilla-style moving tools.

That’s code for as much free stuff as you can get your hands on.

Begin by purging your house of everything that should not be taken with you.

That means have boxes for trash and others for donation.

Get that all done.

Now, back to those uber-cheap moving things.

Most people often spend their hard-earned money on buying expensive moving supplies.

However, it is simple and cost saving to arrange for cheap moving supplies from the local area.

🏘️ Cheap Moving supplies from the neighborhood

It’s not all about getting especially spendy moving supplies.

You can easily find good quality cheap moving supplies if you know where to get them.

The cheap supplies for the move that can be easily obtained from the neighborhood include;

📦 Sturdy boxes and cartons

When it’s time to sell your house or buy a place you will be amazed at what you can find for moving gear that will keep the cost low.

These are durable cheap moving supplies which can be used in packing heavy and fragile items such as glassware, crockery, electrical appliances. Their need is often inevitable. These cheap materials can be easily obtained from stores, supermarkets, and liquor shops in the neighborhood. You can also get them from local scrap collectors and dealers, who supply them at cheaper rates.

📰 Newsprint


They comprise of a carton, half-filled with newspaper, used for packaging fragile objects such as glassware and breakable items.

Newspaper acts as a barrier between the fragile or breakable objects during the moving process.

The role of the newspaper is to protect fragile items from breaking when packed in a carton.

Start keeping old newspapers for a few weeks and soon you’ll have all the packing protection you need.

Don’t get the paper? Go by a nearby retirement home and ask the director if you can leave a box for the residents to put their old papers in.

💻 Bubble wraps

While bubble wrap is not free it still falls under what we will call cheap moving supplies. A bubble wrap sheet acts like a shield for delicate items like glassware, breakable dishes, artwork items, electrical gadgets etc. most often you can get them from those who deal with electrical appliances or goods.  Make sure you get bubble wraps which are even, flat and not deflated. Place the object to be moved in the middle of the wrap and seal with a cello tape.

🕹️ Thick blankets

Some items like gaming consoles motors, LCDs, DVD Players, and other electronics and electrical can be wrapped in a thick blanket to protect them. This is very useful when you run shot of packaging materials.

📺 Preserved packing boxes

Make sure you always preserve the cartons that come with electronic or electrical goods. These acts as great cheap moving supplies when you think of moving. You need only to pack back the goods in their original cartons. All you need to do is to follow the directions provided by the user manual.

👗 Wardrobe Boxes

These are cheap moving supplies that can be used for your clothing. They are provided with a rack for hanging your boutique dresses. Dresses packed in wardrobe boxes don’t wrinkle. The only disadvantage of using wardrobe boxes is that they occupy more space than ordinary boxes.

👕 Consider Your Closet Contents Before You Pack Up

Selling a big 6 bedroom home in Gilbert and moving to into a simple 3 bedroom home in Tempe?

If you are downsizing from a big house with lots of storage and closet space you will want to take an account of what needs to be packed and how.

Having empty boxes with the following labels are going to make decisions easier and save you time:

  1. Goodwill
  2. Garbage
  3. Storage

You will certainly have many items to toss out as you go through your closets. Somethings may need to be stored, and some things will be given away. By having these three boxes in the room with you the process will be a lot easier. Going through this process will help you decide what to pack and what to purge.

📤 Standard Cardboard Boxes

They can take more clothes than your wardrobes and can take more dresses than wardrobes. You can use them in packing your simple or daily wares.

👔 Vacuum Bags

They occupy little space, though they provide little protection to your dresses. To protect your dresses you need to add extra materials like soft packing papers for cushioning.

Share Your Moving Tips

We’d love to get your insights on moving. Have you done this several times? Maybe you’ve got this down to a science? Maybe you have a list of your own that we can share with our clients. Please contact us. We’re all ears👂.

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