Tired of living in the city? Has the power company got you by the you know whats? This 4 bedroom Buckeye solar home could be your answer.

4 Bedroom Sustainable Buckeye Property – SOLD

Buckeye Solar Home - Are You Ready for Off Grid Living?Rents and home prices are sky-rocketing in Phoenix. Energy and food costs seem to be higher every time you turn around. Your kids want to eat and the $450 electric bill is due. Somethings gotta give. If change doesn’t come soon you will have to find a way to take a third job.

If that prognosis doesn’t sit well with you maybe this beautiful 4 bedroom Buckeye solar home can help. Imagine owning this land and 4 bedroom home in Buckeye with nearly an acre of land. There’s even a chicken coupe for freshly laid eggs.

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Solar Power – Reduces Energy costs

This is a BIG 4 bedroom house. And because there is some awesome solar equipment (just installed 2 years ago) your energy bills will be super low.

Low energy Bills in Buckey AZ

Chickens, and Figs, and Fruit Trees

Grow Your own Figs in Buckeye AZ

Farm Fresh Eggs in Buckeye AZ

State of the Art Solar Powered Home in Buckeye AZ

Solar Panels on Buckeye AZ HomeThis is a significant solar power plant on this home. 30 panels with a generating capacity of 9.81 kW.

Imagine, being less dependent on the grid.

Shelling out far fewer dollars to the power company!

This could be you.

You will own (not lease) the equipment.

You will essentially own your very own utility company that generates power from the sun.

To arrange a tour of this house today text John at 1-480-442-3501.

Grow your own food

With nearly a full acre included with this estate, you will have plenty of room to take charge of your food.

Plant all the vegetables  that you love

Look forward to gathering the food you eat instead of wondering what pesticides have been dumped all over them.

Think about harvesting water from your roof and storing it in tanks to help reduce your dependence on the system.

If you are the kind of person who likes independence and wants freedom then this house has your name all over it.

Text or call me at 1-480-442-3501.