Types of Pools to Consider When Buying a Home in Phoenix vary. There are above ground pools, and below ground pools. Each can be constructed with varying materials. They all carry benefits. They all have weaknesses. Let's examine each and see what makes the most sense for you. After you are done reading this information you can head on over to see the pool homes on the market.


Types of Pools to Consider

  1. In ground pool with a vinyl liner. These pools are less expensive. The general consensus is that they are the least expensive in-ground pool to buy.They do tend to cost more to maintain because of chemical usage. Installation isn't as fast as you might think either. The durability is definitely a weak spot too. They tend to attract dirt and generally demand more time cleaning as a result. 
  2. In ground pool with a fiberglass liner. This is going to surprise you. Fiberglass installs very quickly and affordably. These pools use fewer chemicals than their vinyl brethren. They have an ultra smooth finish that makes it very easy to clean compared to just about any pool finish. The interior finish is attractive and elegant looking. When these pools are well maintained and cleaned they tend to hold their re-sale value well. 
  3. Above Ground Vinyl liner. These pools are inexpensive, and a good way to go if you are on a budget or not sure about how long you will reside in your current place. 
  4. In ground concrete (gunite) pool. These are the most expensive pools to buy. The cost of construction is greater, and so is the long-term value. While the up-front cost of an in ground concrete pool is the most expensive, the monthly maintenance is higher too. The plaster or pebble finishes tend to collect dirt which demands more frequent cleaning, chemicals, and running of electrical pumps and filters to keep the pool clean.

Advice from an Expert Pool Builder

It's your Pool   |   You be the Judge

Here in Arizona most of us think that having a pool is a must. I know I do. When it's 110 outside nothing seems to fend off the heat like a nice cool swimming pool. 

See pool homes in Phoenix, Pool homes in Scottsdale, and pool homes in other valley cities before you make your final choice.