Phoenix real estate agent John Cunningham at eXp realty helps take the wonder out of decisions about what home improvements make the most sense when selling a home in the valley.

It's surprising to know that what works in one part of the country could be a terrible choice in Phoenix. Fortunately, the data exists that6 will make the selection much more logical than it has been in the past.

Phoenix Real Estate Improvement Decisions


Lets say that you live in Phoenix and the kids have all moved out. You're thinking about moving and realize that little Johnny and his brothers were pretty hard on the ole family digs. You set out to put things right before you and the little Mrs move on. Now, before you start, you need to make some decisions about what to do and not to do.

Some Improvements Make You Money and Some Will Empty Your Wallet Fast

This is where things get tricky. You've always hated those crazy colors in your son's room. You can imagine that buyers would want a new kitchen and bathrooms. The windows and doors aren't all that efficient and they're looking old too. The yard could sure use a tune-up. And the exterior paint is tired to say the least. So where do you begin. More importantly, where do you stop?

Spending money is easy. In this video I aim to make sure that you take your money with you when it's time to sell rather than leaving your hard earned equity behind.

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