Thanks for checking out the Homes for Sale in Phoenix | Phx Metro Market Report October 2017. It gives you the change in median home value for your Phoenix metropolitan city as compared to this time last year.

Homes for Sale in Phoenix | Get Your Home Valuation Now 

Even if you don't plan on moving it's good to keep up with values. That goes double for you who is thinking about moving. The biggest mistake that most people make when they add their property to the homes for sale in Phoenix list is pricing. Mess up the pricing, and you can suffer big time. You can add months to the selling time. You could leave money on the table. Pricing Homes for sale in Phopenix leaves money on  the tableSo the moral of the story is" get the price right, straight outta the gate or suffer the consequences.

It's Your Money | You earned it | You keep it

It takes 15 seconds to get your home valuation. When you get your report study the 3 categories of properties: Active listings, Homes under contract, and Sold homes. If you are thinking about selling this report will be a great help to you.

The active listings represent your direct competition. The homes under contract give you a good sense of what the market is liking right now. The sold listings represent reality. Sold properties show what a seller and buyer agreed to with respect to price. Your pricing emphasis should give much respect to these sold home prices.