Dec. 18, 2015

Core Tree Service

Best Tree Trimming and Removal in Phoenix Arizona

Core Tree Service


If you have trees that are overgrown and unsightly you could use a connection like Core Tree Service. Easiest way to contact them is from inside the free JohnC app in the app store. You can also download the app in the Google Play Store

The Core Tree Service company is lead by owner Al Rosetti. Al has two major objectives: 

  1. Do excellent work
  2. Don't sell the customer something they don't need

Did you know that trees are generally much healthier if they are not trimmed at all? Me either! 

Listen as Al explains Why Trees don't Always NEED to be Trimmed 


Oct. 15, 2015

1757 E Hackamore St, Mesa, AZ 85203

Available Now 1757 E Hackamore St, Mesa, AZ 85203

Is the search for a new home wearing you out? Are you tired of looking at expensive fixer-uppers and poorly remodeled properties? Settling for less than what you have in mind will leave you disappointed and unhappy with your choice. Getting out in front of the herd is critical if you want to end up with something that truly measures up. You've been sorting and sifting through all the listings and even driving around in hopes of finding a great house. You've probably missed out on a place or two and could be becoming discouraged. 





Attention to Details and Color

Every surface in this home has been well thought out and planned with an eye for timeless style. The entire exterior was resurfaced from the original rough texture to a Mediterranean smooth plaster finish.


The interior isn't like every other flip on the planet that looks like everyone selected from the same options. 

If you want something that is well designed and made for family living then you're going to absolutely love, love, love this place and want to stay once you've stepped inside. Seriously, you won't want to leave, I promise!

Tour 1757 E Hackamore St, Mesa, AZ 85203


For more information about this property in Candlelight Estates and to arrange a showing call or text John at (480) 442-3501.

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Oct. 8, 2015

How Location Can Effect Value

Where you live matters. And so does where you live with respect to the rest of the properties in yiur neighborhood. Phoenix Real Estate Agent John Cunningham sheds light on this topic: How location can effect value.





Wonder What Your Home's Worth?

Find out Now!

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Oct. 8, 2015

How to Fetch Top Dollar for Your Phoenix Home

When you make the decision to sell your property you'll want as many dollars going with you as possible. There's no need to leave your hard earned equity behind when you move. That's why we have created a system that will ensure that you are getting the most out of your home when you list with me. I'm completely different from all other agents. My marketing techniques ensure that the best buyers know about, and often fight for the right to buy your home.

Phoenix Real Estate Agent - How to Fetch Top Dollar for Your Home

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Aug. 21, 2015

Goldshot Exterminating Phoenix Arizona

Goldshot Exterminating Phoenix Arizona


I’m Phoenix Real Estate Agent John Cunningham with EXP realtor. Today I want to share with you another helpful vendor, Goldshot Exterminating.  If you do not already have the John C App you can get it in the App store, for your IPhone or in the Google Play store for your android phone. And the John C App has all my contact information, as well as every single vendor that I recommend. So this little critter is a pigeon, and often time’s pigeons will roost in places that are around residencies up inside of eaves, out of the shade and sometimes it causes all sorts of various problems. And they are not always easy to get rid of, so that’s why Goldshot is one of the few exterminating companies in Phoenix who really does specialize in pigeon control. So if you have any issues with pigeons, I’d recommend you give John at Goldshot a call.


Hopefully you haven’t seen any of these critters around. These are scorpions and they get into all kind of different places including homes and businesses. If you see these don’t just let it passes, something that you probably won’t see again. Because once they get in they multiply, there’s probably a food source around. So again this is something that Goldshot can help you out with. This isn’t a mouse; this isn’t a hamster or some other cute little domesticated pet. This is a bat, kind of a grainy picture not a very good picture of a bat, but it is a bat. John from Goldshot was telling me one time he helped somebody exterminate these from their business. They had flown in behind the sign of the business that was attached to the building. And the sign there was a little dark area behind the sign, kind of like back eave.


So he devised a little mechanism that allowed the bats to leave, which they did every day when they went to get food. But when they went back to the sign to get back in, it was impossible for them to do that. So if you see any of these creatures around you don’t want them. John can help you get rid of them. Again if you would like access to all of my vendors, just download the free John C App at the App store, or the Google Play store. Here’s a mouse, it’s a cute little mouse chewing on a cute little electrical wire. You wonder if he was able to complete his meal, or if he may have been fried. I’m not sure but I know it’s not good for your electrical system. If you see a mice especially if they’re any evidence of a mouse in the attic, it’s something you want to deal with and get rid of. They can cause all kind of trouble up there.

So John at Goldshot Exterminating again he can help you out with that. This is a picture of a wall of someone’s house. This wall’s been opened up on the outside so that you can see the bees. This is a huge hive and John knows how to deal with these guys without actually opening these walls up. But in this example we wanted to show you how vast and big these hives can get. John has been exterminating bees for a long, long time. Over 24 years in the business so if you have any issues with bees, John can help eradicate those. Woodpeckers. These little guys have been known to create these little holes not only in trees, but in houses.


So if you see them John can help get rid of those, patch the holes paint it to match and make it as if the little woodpecker had never resided there, in the beginning. So if you are seeing any sort of creatures crawling around the inside of your house, John’s really good at sealing the homes up. So that they can’t get in as easily. So that’s another service that Goldshot provides. They are well accredited on the Better Business Bureau. And if you want to go to their website you can just use this QR code right here, or go to Goldshot Exterminating. If you have any other questions about this vendor or any of the rest of my vendors, you can call me at 480-442-3501. Go to the Google Play store or the Apple App store download the app. I’m John Cunningham Phoenix Real Estate Agent. Thank you for viewing today and I’ll see you next time.     




Aug. 19, 2015

8251 E Monterosa St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 -SOLD

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Aug. 19, 2015

Mr Sunshine Electric - Why Don't My Lights Work?

Why Don’t My Lights Work?

Phoenix Real Estate agent John Cunningham here to present Mr. Sunshine Electrical Services. Another fantastic vendor on my App. By the way you can find me John C App in the Apple App Store and in Google Play. A lot of times when lights don’t work it’s because there could be a bad switch. A lot of times it could be bad bulbs. A lot of folks think that they checked it, make sure the bulbs were fine, but a lot of times its bad bulbs. Or you can have rusted connections inside or behind the light. So what we’re going to do is, we’re going to first start with the switch on the inside check the switches. And then what we’re going to do is open this up, check the bulbs and then if need be, we’re going to go ahead and pull this light fixture down and then check behind there and check the connections as well.


The Solution

So seeing what it was during this situation was, John had a couple of things go wrong, and this is typical of the trouble-shooters. There’s usually one or more things that contribute to a bigger problem, as you’re experiencing. He had bad bulbs, also some bad worn out sockets in the light fixture combined with bad switches. So no wonder and I get your pain Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner, why it’s hard to figure out small issues like this, because it usually is one or more things. So it would have been impossible for Mr. John without him being an electrician, knowing all the things to look for. Would be to well first you’re going to replace the bulbs then you go to the switches. It’s usually a combination of things. So that’s why with my company what we do is, we always do a very thorough trouble shooting diagnostic every single time, because we realize that your time and your money are the two important factors when considering your electrician. So that’s why we go ahead and we come out and we do this diagnostics, because we don’t want you have to pay twice for the same service call. So we not only save you time, but money at the same time.

Why Mr. Sunshine Electric is a Preferred Vendor for Phoenix Real Estate Agent John Cunningham

Mr. Sunshine Electric is a company who is paying attention online. They have tons of reviews on Angies list and they are a super service award holder which is not easy to get. It means they have an outstanding reputation on Angies list, as well as the Better Business Bureau and on Home Adviser. Check it out see for yourself. Again you can find the John C App in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play store. Thanks for checking out the video, and for access to all the excellent vendors on my App just download the App. Thank you.

Aug. 17, 2015

Phoenix Real Estate Improvement Decisions

Phoenix real estate agent John Cunningham at eXp realty helps take the wonder out of decisions about what home improvements make the most sense when selling a home in the valley.

It's surprising to know that what works in one part of the country could be a terrible choice in Phoenix. Fortunately, the data exists that6 will make the selection much more logical than it has been in the past.

Phoenix Real Estate Improvement Decisions


Lets say that you live in Phoenix and the kids have all moved out. You're thinking about moving and realize that little Johnny and his brothers were pretty hard on the ole family digs. You set out to put things right before you and the little Mrs move on. Now, before you start, you need to make some decisions about what to do and not to do.

Some Improvements Make You Money and Some Will Empty Your Wallet Fast

This is where things get tricky. You've always hated those crazy colors in your son's room. You can imagine that buyers would want a new kitchen and bathrooms. The windows and doors aren't all that efficient and they're looking old too. The yard could sure use a tune-up. And the exterior paint is tired to say the least. So where do you begin. More importantly, where do you stop?

Spending money is easy. In this video I aim to make sure that you take your money with you when it's time to sell rather than leaving your hard earned equity behind.

If you're Thinking About Selling give me a call at (480) 442-3501. Find out more about me and how I make Phoenix homeowners more money when it's time to sell.

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March 25, 2010

Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to our New Phoenix Metro Area Website

Thanks for stopping by our new website. We hope you find it easy to use!

There are many ways to search for homes on our site. Use the search form on the top of the home page to search by city, price range, number of bedrooms and baths, or look on the sidebar for specific home searches for each of the Valley's 9 largest cities.

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