Aug. 3, 2017

How to Sell a House with No Equity

low equity home saleDo you need to sell a house with no equity? Selling any home can be a drawn out, overly complicated and long affair. The process can even become harder if you, as a seller, owe more to the bank than what the current value of the home is. 

Extracting the equity in a home is considered to be the biggest benefit to a property owner during the selling process. Homeowners who don’t have equity may be subjected to lengthy delays during the selling process.  Sometimes the fear of foreclosure can be suffocating.

Get to Know More about Home Equity

Home equity refers to the quantity of money the owner of the house has right after subtracting unpaid balance on the residence in relation to the present market valued which is estimated by the valuator. 

Regardless of the size of the nest egg tied up in a home, a homeowner who wants to sell their home has lots of options to consider. This is why it’s so important to lay out all the options before taking a path.

Ways on How to Sell a House with No Equity

Perhaps you are one of those homeowners who would like to sell your house without the certainty of earnings coming your way from doing so. If that’s the case you need to spread out your options on the table and go with the choice that best suits you. Let’s look at some options.

1. Selling Through Realtors

One of the best means of selling a home with no equity is to sell it through the help of a realtor. An agent who is skilled and professional in the field of selling a house is often a seller’s best choice. Since they know how to sell a house, they can immediately and effectively help you on the things you need to do to get the best buyer for your house.

2. Short Sales

Perhaps, another great and commonly used type of method in selling home with no equity is the short sale. This primarily occurs when the owner and the lender agreed to sell the home just to prevent the occurrence of foreclosure. A short sale is considered to be better than foreclosure as it could be a bit less damaging to the future buying ability of a home and your credit.

3. For Sale By The Owner

While it is always recommended that every home seller need to seek assistance from an agent, huge numbers of people are savvy enough in selling their home without any help or assistance. This type of method can greatly help in reducing costs at the same time maximizing the profits. If the buyer is already showing their interest to purchase your home, then you can just ask for the assistance of an attorney and title company to help you complete the transaction.

These are some of the more common ways to sell a home that is under water. You can also consider selling to an investor who may be willing to improve the home and share the increased equity with you. This can be risky and tricky. Done right, it can mean the difference between breaking even or being foreclosed on. Done wrong and it can be the demise of any hope of walking away without financial scars.

Please. Call or text me (John) at (480) 442-3501 to talk about your options. I’d be happy to meet with you and break ground on a game-plan that is right for you. Here's a link to my calendar to schedule a time to meet





Aug. 3, 2017

How to Sell a House with Structural Problems

Structural issuesStructural problems are no fun. These issues manifest throughout the house in different ways. The issue could be uneven or sagging floors, bowed walls, moisture issues, doors that won’t close properly, crawl space, cracks on the ceiling and more. Houses for sale sometimes have structural problems, and it takes creativity and commitment to work past them. 

Arizona requires sellers to disclose all information related to a house’s foundation damage or any structural problems. Don’t try to hide the issues as it will not fool the home inspectors. On that note, if you are selling a house with structural issues, you can consult a property lawyer or a real estate agent to help you understand how the disclosure works. 

The problem, however, with selling a house with structural issues is that most prospective buyers are unwilling to buy a property with foundation problems. With a property survey, hidden structural secrets about your house could be revealed that could cost a potential buyer a huge sum of money for repairs. Thus, most potential buyers shy away when they find that a property has foundation issues. 

To Sell Your House, Do You Have to Fix the Structural Issues?

If you are selling a house with structural issues, it is not necessary that you fix the structural problems. What you need to do is let the potential buyer know about the issues and adjust the price down in order to cover the cost or to give credits for the closing of the sale. If you want to get the maximum price out of your property, you can consider repairing these damages. 

You might be able to recover the cost if you have some work done around the house ahead of time. This way, you can also obtain better offers from potential buyers seeing that the house is in good order. You don’t have to tend to every minor repair. Address the major items and most buyers will be happy. 

Usually, the foundation air conditioner and roof repair costs are the issues that really scare potential buyers so focus on these issues. 

Sell the House at Greatly Reduced Price

If you are eager to rid of the property and don’t have the time or don’t want to spend for repairs, an option would be to sell it, but often at a greatly reduced price. Even if your house has some structural problems, many buyers out there would be willing to buy it especially at a significantly reduced price. Often, these buyers would do the repairs themselves and resell the property at a nice profit. discount the price for structural damage

That being the case, selling a house with structural problems really depends on your situation. It depends on your finances, your equity, and the property’s possible sales price. If you are not looking to get a lot of money from the house but only want to be rid of it, say when you are relocating somewhere else soon, then this method may be best for you. 

In selling a house with structural problems, the best thing to do is to have more than one structural expert (contractor and engineer) provide an assessment or repairs and their costs. Having real numbers is important in selling a house this way and with the help of an expert, you can be sure you can get the best out of your property even when there are structural problems to deal with. 

Give us a call or go to the app store and download our app for a list of contractors and engineers who may be able to help. Simply type in “John Cunningham” in the app store search and download the app for free. 


Aug. 3, 2017

How to Sell a House with Multiple Owners

Selling your portion of a propertySelling a house with two owners is easy and hard, depending on what the owners make it to be. There are several types of ownership, and each one of them has different unique exposures. Here we will unpack what you need to know if you are looking to sell your house and there is another owner besides you. 

ways to hold title to property in AZWhen you became part owner of a property in Arizona you were asked to elect how to take title. Married couples often choose Community Property or Community Property with Right of Survivorship

Tenancy in Common or tenants in common is used when parties want to share ownership and not give each other survivorship rights. This is commonly used where the owners may hold different percentages of interest in the property. One might have 70% and another 2 may have 15% each. 

Sole & separate Property

This is a way to hold title if someone owned the property before marriage or take title when a family member gifts a property to you. Spouses must sign a disclaimer deed when their partner acquires a property under Sole & separate title.

Trust (with a trustee)

This type of title allows AZ property to be held in a corporation or individual behaving as the trustee in a trust. 

Sell Your Shares 

One way to sell the house or get your money from the property is by selling your shares. As long you can find a buyer, you can transfer your share and walk away. This is only possible under some of the ways to take title in our state. Check with your attorney before initiating a sale.

Negotiate With Co-Owners 

There are other types of concurrent ownership where you cannot sell your share of property without the consent of the other. An example is Community Property with Right of Survivorship. In this case, both parties are owners of the property instead of simply sharing them. Thus, they cannot sell or transfer the property if there is no consent from the other. If it seems that you are "stuck" in an ownership position that you want out of you will need the help of an attorney if the other owner (s) are unwilling to come to an agreement with you or if you simply need help parting ways amicably.

What to Do When One Owner Refuses to Sell the Property

Sometimes, you are met with difficulty in selling the entire house when one of the owners refuses to do so. In times like this, the first course of action is to negotiate with the other party for a solution. If a solution isn’t found, you can bring a lawsuit to force the other owner to sell. In this case, you will need to help of a lawyer experienced in partition suits. 

Partition suits are a suit for the property to be partitioned and force its sale. By calling for a partition suit, you are effectively going to court to ask the judge to settle the matter for you. If there is no possible resolution, the parties may request the judge to instead order for the sale of the property. This will cost time and money, but the best option if all other choices are exhausted. 

If you find yourself between a rock and a hard place we can refer you to several real estate attorneys who work in this line of the law. Text or call John at (480) 442-3501. You can also email John at


Aug. 3, 2017

How to Sell a House with Pets

Pet Owners guide to selling a houseWhen you decide to sell a house with pets, you may need to strive harder to make your home as eye-catching as possible. This includes about anything, from re-painting walls to making minor repairs to hiring a home staging consultant. In a buyer’s market, house sellers need to ratchet up their efforts to make their house sparkle. They might never suspect that all of their improvements could be completely negated by the family dog. 

For homeowners with pets, selling a house could take some extra effort. Pets leave behind evidence of their presence, whether it is in the form of odors, hair, scratch marks and a lot more. There could be safety issues for pets and people alike, as there really is no way to know how an animal will react with strange people in the house. Fortunately, there are steps a homeowner can take into account to ensure that the family pet doesn’t prolong the sale of a house or worse negatively impact its price.

Noteworthy Steps that Help a Home with Pets Sell Faster

The first solution to be considered is to relocate the pet to another place if possible. Having them out of the household would be the easiest and most effective way to prevent a pet’s presence from interfering with the sale of a house. If possible, take your pet to your friend’s house for a few hours during showings. 

Make sure that the real estate agent knows pets live in the house. They’ll want to know the animals are restrained properly before going to the property. A real estate agent doesn’t want to be responsible for an escaped pet or any other animal-related troubles which may arise.

One of the most obvious troubles of trying to sell a house with pets is their shedding. A house full of pet dander and hair can be an immediate turn off to non-pet owners. It is highly recommended to vacuum daily, even twice a day if it’s necessary to keep the carpeting clean. Pay attention to spaces in between furniture and walls, where pet fur can build up. It is Lint rollers are perfect for other areas and furniture that are hard to clean.

Odors can be another problem for pet owners who are trying to sell a house. Use cleaning products and fabric fresheners to get rid of pet odors. Some air fresheners cause people with allergies to react, so choose wisely. If the smell of pets is extremely strong, try using bleach. While it is not a favored smell, it is better than animal odors. 

Be sure that the litter boxes are properly kept and clean during viewings. Keep them in your storage area where potential buyers won’t notice them. With dogs, the easiest method is to clean up messes in the yards as they occur.

Sell a House with Pets  - Simple Common Sense 

Cats and dogs can make it harder to sell a house, but a little bit of planning can overcome those troubles. With careful attention and extra work, it could seem like no pets live there at all. Eliminate pet odors

Many would be home buyers will be pet owners themselves. These people will have more understanding than those who don’t. Still, you would be surprised at how fussy people can be about pet odor.

Just make sure to remember that the number one thing that you can do to increase your sales price is to have a super clean home. This includes odors. Go outside for a while and allow your smelling senses to neutralize. Once you are there step back inside and inhale. If you smell anything funky it’s time to get that resolved. If you have to spend a few dollars having a professional cleaner get things tamed down you will gain a faster sale and a higher price by making the hire. So do it.

Need more help getting your home ready for sale? Fear not. Text or call me (I’m John) at (480) 442-3501 and I’ll jump in and spitball some ideas with you that’ll help you successfully sell your home.


Aug. 3, 2017

4915 W Onyx Ave, Glendale, AZ 85302

Open House August 19th

Open House this Saturday from 9am - 2pm - Come by

4915 W Onyx

4915 W Onyx in Glendale has just come to market. This 3 bedroom home is roomy and comfortable at 1786 generous square feet. Looking closely, you will see that all of the heavy lifting is done, done, done. No big projects here. Everything from the roof to the a/c the flooring and countertops are all done. All you have to do is get your stuff and get moved in. 

Interior - 4915 W Onyx Glendale AZ

4915 W Onyx Family room

Take a look at this interior! Notice the openness of the floor plan, the elegant colors, and newness. It's so new looking that you can practically smell the new paint just looking at the pictures. 

Lovely Open Kitchen in this Glendale Home

4915 W Onyx - Big Open kitchenCheck out the big countertops. There's enough room in this kitchen for everyone in the family to make their own unique version of Christmas cookies without having to take turns!

Big Backyard for Gatherings and Parties 

Glendale Arizona yard with pine trees

See it in person. Bring the whole family. Text or Call me (John) today at (480) 442-3501 to get in and see it.


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Aug. 2, 2017

How to Sell a House with Termite Damage

How to sell a termite damaged home

Are you in the market for selling a house with termite damage? Have you had any luck? Well, to be honest with you, it’s a tough break. Houses with termite are typically shunned by potential buyers. But do not fret, it is not the end of your chances. There are many ways to sell a house with pest damage. It requires a lot of work, but if you really want to sell the property, you will need to be ready to put in the work for it.

It’s important to note that the law requires every house seller to disclose information of termite activity and termite damage to any potential buyer. This is typically enclosed within a seller’s disclosure form and should not be left out if you are aware of termite damage.

The disclosure form is typically comprised of the following: termite activity, and extent of termite damage, the termite treatment used and any damage that has been repaired. And that’s not all. Even with the seller’s form, most buyers will still need conduct termite inspection even after the termite infestation has been treated and repaired according to the seller. 

It’s good to remember that termite infestation and damage can be hard to spot or even detect especially in many cases that do not even show any signs that a house is being invaded by these pests. Hence, why certain procedures need to be maintained and adhered to. Termite infestation damage is not something to take lightly since it can single handily be the reason why a certain house resale value evaporates in a blink of an eye.

Avoiding termitesIf you live in Arizona you will need to take precautions to ward off these pesky critters. As simple as it may sound take caution to keep firewood away from the main structure of the home. 

Selling the House after Termite Treatment

To help the process of selling the house be more amicable and with less hassle, a seller should be ready to share all pertinent information regarding the house and the various process that it had undergone, including the extent of the termite damage and the treatment intervention used with the potential client.

Significant paper works should be prepared including bills detailing the findings of the inspection, and the treatment methods that were used. As well as the as the availability of a termite warranty and service guarantees it comes with.

If you have had a termite infestation in your home before, got it treated with specialists, undergone continual intensive inspection for possible reoccurrence of the situation then you shouldn’t need to worry about the how your house fares in the market, for with all this information, it would not affect its resale value.

However, the opposite of the above statement would prove to be the hardest hurdle in selling a house. If the house you’re trying to sell has been utterly ignored and most treatments and repair have not been administered to, then perhaps you should reconsider selling it in the first place until corrections are made. 

Termite Damage - Selling Your Home How To

If you think that termite issues are standing in the way of selling your home there is still hope. Call us at (480) 442-3501. We can share some ideas and hand over some trusted termite professionals who will assess and recommend the best course of action. 

Termites are a very common problem in Arizona. The professionals who resolve these issues can often do so for much less than you might think. 

Also, beware that there are significant differences in pricing and work quality. More money doesn’t necessarily mean better termite treatment. It probably makes sense to get more than one opinion before committing to a course of action. Do it wrong and you'll end up frustrated and possibly lose money. Doing it right isn't all that complicated. Disclose, and, or resolve the termite issues. Selling a home that has had some pest problems is simply a matter of having the right remedies in place before you place your home on the market.


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July 13, 2017

Use Today's Search Trends to Sell Your Home in 48 Days or Less

What Makes Todays Search Trends Sell Homes Faster?

Search Trends that Sell Homes


Think about internet search like you would fashion trends. What was in last summer doesn't necessarily work today. This is why it's so important to use a real estate professional who is on top of the game. 

When a house sits on the market nobody's happy. Well, maybe the buyers. Really, though, buyers want in on the hottest merchandise too. They really aren't hoping to find a place that's been rotting on the market for4 5 months. What they really want is an appealing home. One that keeps grabbing their attention everywhere they turn on the web. 

Lets Breakdown the Keys to Marketing Homes on the Web


Transcript: Howdy everybody and welcome to another edition of the whiteboard monthly. And today, I thought we talk about advertising in the real estate industry; what works and what doesn’t work and how to avoid the expired list. See this, this is an expired list. This is a group of people who had alerted they list their homes with some real estate agent and for one reason or another, the homes did not sell. Most people don't realize this, but about 30% of all homes listed in the Phoenix metro market end up on a list like that, so homes that don't sell for one reason or another. Today we're going to look at some of the advertising that may not have been used by some of those agents in order to help their clients to get their home sold.

Howdy everybody and welcome to another edition of the whiteboard monthly. And today, I thought we talk about advertising in the real estate industry; what works and what doesn’t work and how to avoid the expired list. See this, this is an expired list. This is a group of people who had alerted they list their homes with some real estate agent and for one reason or another, the homes did not sell. Most people don't realize this, but about 30% of all homes listed in the Phoenix metro market end up on a list like that, so homes that don't sell for one reason or another. Today we're going to look at some of the advertising that may not have been used by some of those agents in order to help their clients to get their home sold.

MOBILE: First thing I thought we will talk about is; what it is that's commonly used by people who are searching for a home. So, I've got a little list here of things that I thought would be good talking points. And the first one is the use of mobile.

MOBILE: The National Association of Realtors has done a large study and they had figured out that last year, that 89% of all people who are looking for a home at some point rely on their mobile phone to do that search. It wasn't so true five years ago, but now 89% of people looking are using their mobile phones. All of our contacts need to be really mobile-friendly, it doesn't pay to have a website that somebody has to pinch on to expand or make smaller so that it fits their phone. All the contents that we have online really need to be super mobile-friendly.

VIDEO: People will be using video to gain information about communities that they don’t know about. Because they really are interested in finding out about what makes that community interesting beyond the home itself. So they want to see restaurants and parks and schools and they want to get information about the area in general. And you know your eye can learn a lot if you can just see some things, so video does a really good job of highlighting those things. So they are relying on the videos in order to get that community information.

SCHOOLS: Another thing people really care about is schools. So oftentimes what we find is, people are doing research about what schools are good in a community. So, those searches according to a school that they've already heard of or researched and found out is a good school, so, school information is really important. If you have a good school in your area, that's something we definitely want to highlight in our advertising when we're working online to attract buyers to your home.

FACEBOOK: Facebook is the fifth-largest search engine on the web. So, it’s a search engine a lot like Google; people will search topics on Facebook and so we don't want to leave Facebook out and we want to really cater to that and make sure that we're posting contents on Facebook about your home and boosting that content paying in order for people to be able to see it more frequently.

NEIGHBORHOODS: We already touched on areas in neighborhoods, this is something that's really important to people.

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: A lot of people, although they're living in the city, they want to have access to trails and hiking and fitness options that are appealing to them. Maybe running trails and parks, pools in the area. And another thing people are interested in are; things like farmers' market; anything that creates a set of community in the area that they live in. Because again, people really want more than just a house and when they are searching for this community information, they're going to be looking for things like farmers' market. So, maybe having a little story on local farmers' market and having a link from that to your house wouldn't be such a bad idea.

RESTAURANTS: People definitely want good places to eat, they don't want to have to get their car drive 5 miles to get to something like that if they're thinking about a home in the Phoenix area, so that's really important.

WORKPLACE: They don't want to have to drive for 45 minutes to get to work. But sometimes people do it if it’s just a matter of money they may end up buying a home way out on the outer wing of the metro and driving in. But for the most part, people buying homes in Phoenix want to do so partially because it’s close to their workplace, it's important for them. The next thing they'll do is start researching the intangibles; like crime rates, taxes, affordability. All these information is easily accessible online; taxes, affordability. All of our homes on our website have little calculator that they can use to find out what monthly payment would be, so they're going to look into that. They're going to want to know that they are close to friends and that the area has the kind of culture that they're excited about.

And then walkability, they want to know they're going to be able to walk to places that are of interest to them. Those are some things that go into the proverbial harbor so to speak, in order for some of them to make a decision about whether or not to buy. So, once they grab all these information, then the wheel really starts to turn and they're going to continue to research and get more information often times. And as time goes by, actually a lot of time in most cases, most people are looking for a period of time between 12 and 18 months before they actually make a buying decision. So they're grabbing all these information, they may end up sharing it with friends and family, certainly with a spouse, all the information that they're getting. And then at some point, they'll feel affirmed and they will take action and they will buy the house that they're interested in.

So, how we get all these information to the buyer so that they are interested in your home and why do some homes...Well, actually, most homes in Phoenix right now are taking an average of 70 days or more to sell and many of them take a lot longer than that, that's just the average. Currently, my average seller is selling their home within 48 days, some a lot less than that, but very rarely does it go over this 48 days. Because we're trying to do a good job of leaning on these functions and making sure that people are getting the information they need when it's time to make a buying decision. Now I thought I'd take a look at why homes are sometimes sitting around and not finding a buyer, they will either end up on the expired list. They might cancel a listing and you might notice a listing has been with 2 or 3 or even 4 agents before it finally sells. They might become a ‘’for sale by order’’, maybe they can do a better job at this themselves, they might be so discouraged.

I've seen many homes 200-300 days on the market; so, we want to help you try to avoid that. And now what I want to talk about is, ''advertising that works''. Before we dig into this, I thought it might make sense to just talk about what it cost to reach our buyer and what particular methods are most cost-effective. So, here on the top we have newspapers. So, this is cost to reach a thousand people;

So with newspaper, it cost around $32 to reach a thousand people.

Magazine is $20 to reach a thousand people.

Radio $8 to reach a thousand people.

Cable TV, $7.

Google ad words, about $2.75.

LinkedIn or LinkedIn ads, about $.75 to reach a thousand.

And Facebook ads, currently running about $.25 cents to reach a thousand people.

So, you can see that the online methodology is much more cost-effective and makes a lot more sense. So, here I have a little diagram of some of the things that we use when we try to help sellers sell their homes in 48 days or less. So, this diagram kind of goes in this direction, it doesn’t really have to. In fact what often happens is, let's say somebody is looking at a blog post that we wrote about your house that's for sale. So, they get to the blog post and...First, let's back up for a second and ask how they found the blog post. Well, they probably started in place like Google and typed in; community information or houses for sale in Phoenix or houses for sale in a specific neighborhood and ended up finding this post. And, on that post, there might be a YouTube video that talks about that house, which talks about the neighborhood in the community. Now, they may have found a house just by driving around and noticed a yard sign, they may have looked at all the photographs that we had taken and they may have even shared what their findings with their friends on social media to get affirmation so that they can feel comfortable taking action.

After all of these has happened, they may even go to their agents and say; hey, we found this house and we'd like to know more about it. Now, you would think that the person who just found the home just because the real estate agent sent the home and that’s not always the case. Now, there is so much freedom online to do our own research that buyers are consistently finding homes that their agents are sending them. They are finding them on their own and then they are using their agent to help them negotiate the transaction, go to see the house and take all the necessary steps; inspection process, appraisal and all they like in order to complete their process, but they may be able that home on their own.

So, sometimes it's kind of hard to tell where all these got started. It may just be that the person started from an ad on Facebook. They might have seen an ad on Facebook that we ran and then that linked off to our blog post. And from the blog post, they may have taken that and gone to their agent at that point. They may just go directly to their agent after that and tell them about the house and ask them to get more information. So, this is kind of what we call ''pogo sticking''. You know, you definitely don’t know where all these started, but there are numbers of us agents who use these tools to send out different bits and pieces of information in order to appeal to people.

And, one of the things that most real estate company do is, they use a syndication called ''list hub'' in order to get their information out on hundreds of website. So they enter their information into the MLS and the MLS extracts that information and sends it out onto tons of different websites like Zillow and True Lier and and so on and so forth. All those findings that someone may see on Google as a result of that are all going to be a little bit generic in nature; they're kind of going to all look the same. So, we really think that it pays to have unique advertising through these other sources in order to promote the house. For example; the community video might be on YouTube and we can have a link inside the YouTube advertisement that links off to the blog post. So, they may start by researching the community and finding a community video and then they see that link in our video and they link off to the blog post and find out more information.

Our yard signs, we will have sign writers where they can send text, they can request texted information to them where we will send them information on the property via text. So, sometimes people will start with their yard sign and they will go from there over to the website where we've got the listing hosted on the website. And then from there, they may go and send that MLS or address over to the real estate agent. And, how do I know this happens? Because it’s happening to me all the time. When I start working with the buyer, often times it’s because they have started...If they were referred to me, and that one is easy to kind of figure out or they have come in to a wheel house through my website and signed up for the privileged to search on our website.

Now, even if they've been referred to us, that person will often start searching on their own and finding homes in all kinds of places. They may be finding it online, having it through social sharing, they may see an advertisement for a house on Facebook, and they may see pictures on They might see video about the house or about the community and come back to us and say hey; what about this house at such an address and it doesn’t matter to me where they got the information. I instantly look it up and find out whether or not it's a home that is currently under contract or if we can go and see it. So, this is how I know that people are not always following a straight line when it comes to time to share information with me. And that’s okay, wherever they get the information when they’re doing their online research is just fine with us. We just want to make sure that people are getting the right information.

So, you can see that this paying attention to what’s happening online is critical in today’s advertising and having unique content on all these platforms is really important. So, we don’t want to just rely on the MLS to send out generic information to hundreds of different websites that we know about like Zillow and True Lier. Those are all good, but we want to as agents create unique contents so that people can find out unique information about a property. And, we don't want to tell them everything either, we want to leave a little bit of information that is lacking in order for them to be interested. In other words, we want to sell the sizzle not the stake. We don't want to show them everything in the videos, in the pictures, we just want to give them enough information till they want to go and see the house, get inside of it and hopefully be interested.

This is how we sell homes in 48 days or less. If you’re interested in finding out what your home is worth or if you’re interested in just staying on top of that, it's really easy to do. We can set up a market report for your neighborhood, so that every time a home sell in your neighborhood you're going to get a monthly report showing all the homes that have sold in the neighborhood, all the ones that are for sale and it's going to be way more accurate than something like Zillow which relies on things like tax records in order to pull in that data. Our information is much more up-to-date and current and you’ll be getting pretty much a live feed to that information to the market report.

So, if you’re interested in having that set up for you, just reach out to me, give me a call on my cell or email me and I will be happy to help with that. In the main time, thanks for watching today’s video about trends or advertising and marketing your home so that it will sell quickly and not end up on the Google expired list. Till next time, thank you.

Need To Market Your Phoenix Home?

Feel free to give me a call. Let's talk about that and come up with some ideas to help you sell your home. I can be reached at (480) 442-3501.


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Dec. 18, 2015

Core Tree Service

Best Tree Trimming and Removal in Phoenix Arizona

Core Tree Service


If you have trees that are overgrown and unsightly you could use a connection like Core Tree Service. Easiest way to contact them is from inside the free JohnC app in the app store. You can also download the app in the Google Play Store

The Core Tree Service company is lead by owner Al Rosetti. Al has two major objectives: 

  1. Do excellent work
  2. Don't sell the customer something they don't need

Did you know that trees are generally much healthier if they are not trimmed at all? Me either! 

Listen as Al explains Why Trees don't Always NEED to be Trimmed 


Oct. 15, 2015

1757 E Hackamore St, Mesa, AZ 85203

Available Now 1757 E Hackamore St, Mesa, AZ 85203

Is the search for a new home wearing you out? Are you tired of looking at expensive fixer-uppers and poorly remodeled properties? Settling for less than what you have in mind will leave you disappointed and unhappy with your choice. Getting out in front of the herd is critical if you want to end up with something that truly measures up. You've been sorting and sifting through all the listings and even driving around in hopes of finding a great house. You've probably missed out on a place or two and could be becoming discouraged. 





Attention to Details and Color

Every surface in this home has been well thought out and planned with an eye for timeless style. The entire exterior was resurfaced from the original rough texture to a Mediterranean smooth plaster finish.


The interior isn't like every other flip on the planet that looks like everyone selected from the same options. 

If you want something that is well designed and made for family living then you're going to absolutely love, love, love this place and want to stay once you've stepped inside. Seriously, you won't want to leave, I promise!

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Oct. 8, 2015

How Location Can Effect Value

Where you live matters. And so does where you live with respect to the rest of the properties in yiur neighborhood. Phoenix Real Estate Agent John Cunningham sheds light on this topic: How location can effect value.





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