You may face difficulties to sell your property. The level of your difficulty increases if you are a homeowner who wants to sell his/her home “For Sale by Owner”, without the involvement of any real estate agent.

As a home seller, you want to seal the deal as early as you can, isn’t it? So, you should make sure that you are entertaining only genuine buyers.

Here are some signs that will tell you that the person you are showing your property to, is not a serious buyer –

Not following time schedules

For the majority of home buyers, buying a home in Phoenix is like a dream come true.

They would neither ignore your phone calls nor be late for visiting sites if they want to buy the home.

Avoiding questions

If a buyer is genuine, s/he should have no problem in sharing their professional and personal detail that as a home seller you have the right to know.

In case you think that the buyer is keeping things from you, end the negotiations at an early stage.

Not eager to continue the process

A genuine buyer would like to move into their future house as early as they can once they want it.

However, in case a buyer tends to delay the whole process make excuses every time they are called, be sure that they are here only to know everything about the home buying process and not to buy.

Lots of nitpicking

Even after you have accepted the offer that the buyer has made, if s/he is still not on board with buying the property, this means they are not here to buy your home.

Steer clear of this sort of people, as they are just wasting your valuable time.