Cactus League Stadiums Info: One of the various unusual aspects of Arizona’s Cactus baseball League is the fact that all the ten stadiums utilize by the 15 baseball League teams during the Spring Training located in the Greater Phoenix area. In case you are traveling with a baseball fan, then familiarize yourself with these 10 Cactus League Stadiums.

Arizona Cactus League Stadium GuideEach of our Arizona Cactus League Stadiums is very unique.

If you attend frequently you will see some of the same characters.

Heck, you might be one of them.

They’re easy to spot.

They come in with their seat cushions, binoculars, and team gear.

Some love to record the stats.

Some do more chatting than baseball watching.

Still, others will be glued to the scene from start to finish.

We put this little guide together with location, websites, and phone numbers for each.

So check out the guide.

Get ready for another fun year of baseball here in the valley of the sun.

Let’s Catch a Game

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⚾️ Maryvale Baseball Park

Cactus League Stadiums: Maryvale Baseball Park

: 3600 N 51st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85031, USA
: +1 623-245-5500
: Maryvale Baseball Park Official Website

The only Spring Training stadium is the Maryvale Baseball Park that has it’s location within the beautiful City of Phoenix, in the urban Maryvale village.

Opened during 1998, the Park has served as the Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training home. From 1986 to 1997, the Brewers had played at Compadre Stadium within Chandler, which as of recent no longer exists, and before that, they had played in Sun City.

There is a charge if you want to park at Maryvale Stadium.

Seating Details

All Maryvale stadium fans seats have backs; Sections 111 and higher are all bleachers having ends.

Odd numbered sections are the ones on the first base side, at the back of the home team (Milwaukee Brewers).

The dugout, as well as the numbered sections, can be seen on the third base side.

There is just one seating level. The concourse, with the restrooms, concessions, and exits, is all above the seats.  Handicapped seating can is on the concourse level.

The berm area is among the largest at any Cactus league stadiums.

The whole outfield is made up of grasses.

Also, the area under the trees by the back wall or by the scoreboard, are accessible and famous on hot and sunny days in March.

There is also a concrete wall which separates the berm and the outfield which implies that you will need to sit high enough on the grass to view the action.

Standing is allowed at railings on this concourse level.

You can also spend some quality time drinking a beer while in the shade while you chat with friends and still have a fantastic view of the game.

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⚾️ Camelback Ranch: Glendale Stadium

Cactus League Stadiums: Camelback Ranch Stadium

: 10710 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85037, USA
: +1 623-302-5000
: Camelback Ranch: Grenade Stadium’s Official Website

The Camelback Ranch Stadium located in Glendale is the Los Angeles Spring Training home and the Chicago White Sox. The stadium has its location in the West Valley which is near the University of Phoenix Stadium, Westgate Entertainment District, and the Gila River Arena. Stadium had opened in 2009, and it has a seating chart that can accommodate any budget.

Seating Details

This Cactus league stadium in Glendale has spaces for more than 10,000 people in seats and about 3,000 in the grass. It is known as the largest Spring Training stadium in Arizona. And the whole campus covers about 141 acres.

All the seats at the Camelback Ranch-Glendale contain backs; no metal bleachers exist here. The places have armrests and are much more extensive than the chairs of any stadium.

The seats have adequate legroom, which makes them very comfortable even if they do not have cup holders.

You will immediately get struck by the designer touches in the Camelback Ranch-Glendale. The color, water feature, as well as architecture alongside the use of stone and metal makes it feel like more than just a low/minimum budget ballpark design.

No green areas or picnic areas where kids can play exist inside the stadium. Apart from the field and the berm which is all concrete.

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⚾️ Hohokam Stadium

Cactus League Stadiums: Hohokam Stadium

: 1235 N Center St, Mesa, AZ 85201, USA
: +1 480-644-4451
: Hohokam Stadium’s Official Website

Hohokam Stadium has its location in Mesa in the East Valley. It was the home stadium for Spring Baseball Training for the Chicago Cubs. However, in 2014 they moved to Sloan Park, and after a renovation, the Oakland Athletics had also moved into the Hohokam Stadium in 2015.

The present stadium which opened in 1997, and though the facility used to be called Hohokam Park, it is now officially known as the Hohokam Stadium and offers a useful seating chart for fans.

The Hohokam Stadium during spring training charges for parking, and you should always expect the parking lot in the stadium to be full half an hour before the game starts.

Fans within Mesa tend to arrive at the games a lot earlier as tailgating is very popular here, especially since most of the parking lot space is on grass.

Bleachers also exist with backs on them.

Hohokam Stadium had been renovated ahead of the 2015 season when the Oakland A’s had taken over the park.

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⚾️ Salt River Fields at Talking Stick

Cactus League Stadiums: SALT RIVER FIELD STADIUM

: 7555 N Pima Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85258, USA
: +1 480-270-5000
: Salt River Fields at Talking Stick’s Official Website

Salt River Fields at Talking Stick at Stadium located at Scottsdale has seats for almost 11,000 people.

Parking in the Salt River Field is not free. With over 3,000 parking spots, you can place a bet that people will still get to the stadium earlier before when the game starts to get one.

There are almost 300 handicapped spots. But these can be quite a very long way from the main stadium.

Depending on the ones who are still available by the time you arrive.

Many games played here, (most especially when the Arizona Diamondbacks are the ones playing), will be very well attended if not sold out.

The gates open at about two hours before the game time.

And people will inevitably arrive early enough to stake out their place on the field and berm.

For nighttime games.

For no reason should you forget to take into account a rush hour traffic on the Loop 101?

You might also want to make an alternate route to get to the stadium in time on those evenings, such as Pima Road, Via de Ventura, or Indian Bend Road.

There are two significant berm seating areas in the stadium was designed for accommodating over 4,000 fans, making it one of the best Cactus league stadiums for the extra-casual fan. Basically, except the center field wall, there is a berm along the whole outfield.

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⚾️ Scottsdale Stadium

Cactus League Stadiums: Scottsdale Stadium

: 7408 E Osborn Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, USA
: +1 480-312-2586
: Scottsdale Stadium’s Official Website

Scottsdale Stadium is the San Francisco Giants Spring Training home.

The stadium has its location in Old Town Scottsdale.

The east of Phoenix and near the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts as well as the Scottsdale Contemporary Art Museum.

The stadium was opened in 1992 and hosted a team during the Arizona Fall League baseball.

Scottsdale Stadium located in an urban area, right in the downtown Scottsdale.

The relieving news here is that if you are early enough, there may be free parking lots close to the Scottsdale library, Civic Center, and on the streets in downtown Scottsdale.

As the game time approaches, probably within an hour of the game. Those small and little streets start getting somewhat tricky and congested.

Stay prepared to walk for several blocks if you are not there in time.

The location of Scottsdale stadium is in downtown Scottsdale.

There are other fantastic places to pause and eat and drink probably before or after the game within walking distance.

Most of those restaurants and bars regularly advertise in the stadium.

And some even have party vans offers for transportation.

Scottsdale Stadium has about 11,000 seats.

Which also includes grass seating in the berm.

Giving the park a small, close feeling where the fans can see what is happening right on the field.

There’s a giant, nice, scoreboard with graphics. And also smaller electronic scoreboards exist in the infield with a broad illuminated number for them to be readily visible from the berm.

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⚾️ Tempe Diablo Stadium


: 2200 W Alameda Dr, Tempe, AZ 85282, USA
: +1 480-350-5205
: Tempe Diablo Stadium’s Official Website

Tempe Diablo Stadium in Tempe, very close to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and downtown Scottsdale.

It is the Los Angeles Spring Training home and first opened in 1968. It is adjacent to the Phoenix Marriott Tempe at The Buttes.

The Tempe Diablo stadium has a full, beautiful, concourse, lot of concession stands. As well as restrooms, and almost about a 10,000 person capacity.

Parking at the Tempe Diablo Stadium is charged and not free. And there is not much of it.

Gates are open two hours ere the game time. And if it is a well-known opponent such as Diamondbacks or the Cubs, you will be parking on the downtown streets close to the stadium complex.

And then walk a long way before getting to the stadium (If you are not at least one hour early)

All seats at the Tempe Diablo Stadium have comfortable backs, and there are plenty bleachers here.

In case you anticipate a warm, sunny, day, then bring a seat cushion or anything to sit on (If you have a ticket for at least one of the metal bleacher seats)

There are about 26 rows of seats, (A through Z).

There is also a grass seating in the left field at Tempe Diablo Stadium. However not as much outfield as most of the other Cactus League stadiums.

There even exists a picnic area on the third base side outfield which has a good view of the game.

And the tables here have umbrellas, which is an addition. Get there in time to snag one.

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⚾️ Sloan Park

MESA, AZ – MARCH 6: A general view of Sloan Field during the game between the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds on March 6, 2015 at Sloan Park in Mesa, Arizona. The Reds defeated the Cubs 5-2. (Photo by Rich Pilling/Getty Images)

: 2330 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201, USA
: +1 480-668-0500
: Sloan Park’s Official Website

Sloan Park (CUBS PARK) Before 2013, the Chicago Cubs had played their home games during the Cactus League baseball season at the Hohokam Stadium located in Mesa, Arizona.

But during 2014, the Cubs had moved to a brand new stadium not too far away from what was initially known as the Cubs Park.

In 2015, the name had been changed to Sloan Park when the Chicago Sloan Valve Company sponsored the park.

Sloan Park can also host a team during the Arizona Fall League baseball.

About 75% seats at Sloan Park. Even the ones along the baseline toward the outfield, will all be in the shade. This attractive feature makes Sloan among the most comfortable Cactus league stadiums.

However, all the places in the grass or berm are directly facing the sun.

There are fewer seats at the Sloan Park than how there were at the Hohokam Stadium.

But the berm or outfield grass is more abundant.

You will see various nods to the Wrigley field here.

But it is however not meant to be a smaller Chicago stadium version.

For instance, you can notice the brickwork behind the home plate and the big sign where everybody is taking photos shoots.

As well as the rooftop seats inside the party area. The Cubs clubhouse is away from the stadium.

Meaning that fans will be able to view all their favorite players as they walk from the clubhouse to the main stadium before the game

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⚾️ Peoria Stadium

Peoria Stadium

: 16101 N 83rd Ave, Peoria, AZ 85382, USA
: +1 623-773-8700
: Peoria Stadium’s Official Website

The Peoria Stadium is also a part of the Peoria Sports Complex.

It has its location in the Greater Phoenix area northwest portion of the West Valley.

It was the very first Spring Training facility built and designed to accommodate or contain two teams.

The Seattle Mariners and the San Diego Padres, each having a clubhouse.

There is an amount charged to park in the stadium. Spare an additional 15-30 minutes to get here.

Even sections can be seen on the first base side; while odd parts are on the third base side.

Most of the stadium seats are on dual levels.

A limited amount of third level seats which are on the same level just like the press boxes.

There are also large metal bleacher areas in both outfield lines within the upper level.

There are also no backs on the seats.

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⚾️ Goodyear Ballpark


: 1933 S Ballpark Way, Goodyear, AZ 85338, USA
: +1 623-882-3120
: Goodyear Ballpark’s Official Website

Goodyear Ballpark is the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Spring Training home.

The stadium has its location in the beautiful Goodyear City in the West Valley, which is close to the Phoenix International Raceway and adjacent to the Goodyear Airport, where the NASCAR racing usually takes place.

It was opened during 2009 and has a seating chart with luxury and budget options.

The Goodyear stadium seats have almost more than 10,000 people. But for some games, unless the team visiting is a very famous one such as the Cubs, the games will not sell out.

All the seats in Goodyear Ballpark contain backs; there are no metal bleachers in existence.

The stadium seats have cup holders, armrests, and are much broader than many other stadium seats having adequate legroom.

You’ll get padded, full seats as well as beverage service and food in the Club seating. Which is located in sections 107A and 106A, 106B, on the 3rd base side.

The whole Club seating section is also shaded, except for the very first row or two.

There are about 24 seat rows. A through Z exist in the general seating area. At the concourse, the seats start at Z, and you walk your way down through the field to get to A.

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⚾️ Surprise Stadium


Surprise Stadium – March 13, 2011 – San Francisco Giants defeats Texas Rangers 11-8, Attendance 12,014

: 15930 N Bullard Ave, Surprise, AZ 85374, USA
: +1 623-222-2222
: Surprise Stadium’s Official Website

Surprise Stadium has its location in Surprise, Arizona in the Greater Phoenix north-west section.

That is in the West Valley.

Surprise Stadium is the Kansas City Royals as well as the Texas Rangers Spring training home.

The Stadium is a portion of a larger sports complex, that is the Surprise Recreation Campus.

And it was designed in 2002.

The very first Spring Training games had taken place in 2003 here, and the Surprise Stadium also hosted a team during the Arizona Fall League baseball.

Parking in the Surprise Stadium is free. And the fastest way to handicapped parking is by accessing Bullard Avenue from Greenway.

Odd numbered sections are at the third base (the visitor’s) side. Even numbers are at the first base (the home) side.

Surprise Stadium is shared by two different teams when it comes to Spring Training.

There is enough berm or outfield area to select from for seating. Tickets for the grass anywhere you can lay a blanket are many.

Of course, these areas are facing west, and during a sunny afternoon, the sun will be in your eyes.

Surprise Stadium has approximately 10,500 seats.

All the infield seats, apart from maybe the first row or two, might have shade after the first and half hour. And the first base side usually gets the shade first.

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🗺 Cactus League Stadiums Guide

We hope that the information provided by our Cactus league stadiums guide gives you what you need to get your game on this spring here in Sunny Arizona. If you get hooked on Arizona while attending the games we’d love to talk to you about finding a second home here in the valley. You can always reach one of us here at the John Cunningham team by text or call at 1-480-442-3501.