Our Phoenix Real Estate Market Report – April 2019 lays out the facts in easy to read charts, graphs and a down to earth commentary that helps anyone interested in the Phoenix get a grasp on where the market stands today.

📣 John’s Greater Phoenix Housing Market Predictions April 2019

Buyers Must Be Patient

The writing is on the wall. The housing shortage is real in the Valley of the Sun. The lack of housing is impacting buyer activity. Many of our home buyers are having to be patient as they wait for the properties to cycle through.

Sellers Get Paid

Buyers are not getting stupid in the wake of this shortage. Everyone remembers 2005-2011. No one wants that again. Still, homes in great condition are fetching a premium. Homes that are over-priced or in need of repairs are getting less than they could and taking longer to sell.


Bottom Line Market Thoughts

Those who want to purchase need to be 100% prepared

  • Pre Qualified with a local Lender
  • Have money saved for down payment and closing costs
  • Are working with an agent who knows the market
  • Are ready to make strong offers on properties they like.

Those who want to sell shouldn’t leave money on the table

  • Do Not sell to an investor or iBuyer (Opendoor, Zillow, Offerpad, etc)
  • Make sure your home is pre-inspected and repairs are complete BEFORE going on the market
  • Be sure that it is easy for buyers to see your property without a lot of notice
  • Work with an agent who knows how to use digital online marketing tactics

🔖 What is the Average Price Per Square Foot

Monthly Average Sales Price Phoenix metro April 2019

🗓 Months of Supply

Phoenix Months Housing Supply - April 2019

⏳ Days on Market

Phoenix DOM - April 2019

📊 Volume of Annual Sales

Phoenix Annual Sales Rate - April 2019

🏠 Existing Home Sales for April 2019

Phoneix Sales per month April 2019

🕑 Average Time on Market of Listings in Greater Phoenix for past 5 years

Days of Inventory - Phoenix April 2019

💲 Average List to Close Price

List to Sale Price - Phoenix April 2019

📈 Real Estate Statistics: National Stats

Real Estate Statistics - National Stats _ US Map















  • 32% of homebuyers across US cities were first time home buyers.
  • Only 4% of national home sales were those of distressed properties including short sales and foreclosures.
  • Cash sales accounted for 23 percent of all residential property purchases.
  • 23% of home sellers made contributions to the buyer’s purchase. These include loan fees, closing costs, home warranties, and home improvements/repairs.

🤑 Maricopa County Median Price Range (past 5 years)


Phx Median Home Sales Price - April 2019

Average Sales Price

Phx Average Home Sales Price - April 2019

💰 Average Sales Price for Condos

Phx Average Condo Sales Price - April 2019

📆 Months of Condo Inventory Supply in Greater Phoenix

Phoenix Condo Inventory - April 2019





⌚️ Average Time on Market for Condos in Greater Phoenix (over the last 5 years)

Average Cumulative Condo Inventory in Phx AZ April 2019


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