When showing your home, what will leave the worst impression on a buyer? Here are three ways.

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If you’re selling your home, these three things will likely repel potential buyers

1. The front yard is in disarray and poorly kept up. No buyer wants to see toys scattered about the yard, a shabby-looking lawn, and a front door that looks like it should have been painted three years ago. This is a sight that’ll come as a major disappointment to a buyer, who wants to fall in love with your home before even entering. If you want a buyer to be excited before going through your front door. Then, get your lawn edged, declutter the front yard, and be sure to spruce up the entryway.

2. The presence of pets/odors during showings. Another thing buyers don’t want is to walk into your home and smell last night’s dinner, your dog’s bad breath, or the litter box. Additionally, as far as pets are concerned, a simple solution is to take your dog for a walk. Though, ideally, it’d be wise to leave your dog with a relative or a friend during the showing process. That way, the buyer won’t feel interrupted as they see your home.

Got Clutter Strewn All Over the Floor

If you’ve got clutter strewn all over the floor, crooked pictures on the wall, or overcrowded countertops, it won’t sit well with buyers

3. One or more rooms in the home are messy. Next. if you’ve got clutter strewn all over the floor, crooked pictures on the wall, or overcrowded countertops. It won’t sit well with buyers. Put your clutter-creating belongings in a box and set that box aside. So that those items are readily available to you when you need them without them being in the way.

Sellers who avoid these three blunders will have a better chance of making a good impression on any buyers that walk through their property.

Finally, if you’d like to hear any more tips or tricks on how to get your home sold for top dollar, please reach out to me. I’d love to meet with you, look at your home, and talk about how we can make that happen.